How do you get your children to stand in the corner for a time out?

Are there any tricks to getting your kid to stand in the corner for a time out? Sometimes they just won't listen!

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When my 5 year old was little I looked at it like breaking a wild horse. They resist and resist but stick to your guns and eventually they'll give in. The first time I tried time outs with him it took 45 mins for him to understand that I was not messing around. If he got up I picked him back up and put him back in the chair. It was torture for both of us because there were other things I would have rather been doing with my time. By the time my now 3 year old started getting time outs he'd seen his brother getting them and already knew the drill. IF they get up from a time out now and I have not excused them then they get sent to their rooms. We have their door knobs reversed so they can be locked in. They hate this with a passion but it drives my point home. So basically, stick to your guns be firm and consistent with time they'll get the point.

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I have a 3 1/2 and a 1 1/2 year old. My kids got the hang of it pretty quick. I had to stand in fron of them a few times so that they knew. I now just tell them to stand in the corner. I give it a few mins then i tell them to come to me and we talk about what they have done.
I started off using time outs but they wouldnt sit still and kept looking around at everything.
Just keep going with it. Your little one will get the hang after a few times.
I do have to keep saying - face the wall, with my littlest.

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You make a 11/2 year old stand in the corner?

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I don't and never have given my child time outs... She is 3 1/2. It is not that I think she is an angel but I have other ways of dealing with "naughty" behaviour.

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When starting my boys w/ time out at around 1 1/2 & w/ my toddlers in Sunday school, I sit behind them & tell them I am counting slowly to 30 (60 for older ones) & that WE have to sit n time out until I am done. The older they are the slower I count. Then as they get used to it I make them stay without turning around, getting out, playing, or talking & each time they do it I start over. As they get older I switch to a timer instead of counting. It sounds like a lot of work but I have managed to get kids that listen to no one to stand in the corner just by being calm & consistent with when they have to go to time out. & by talking to them afterwards & explaining why they had to stay in time out & what I want them to do different the next time or even asking them why they were put in time out & asking what they shold have done different (& my 3 yr olds can answer them). I believe that time out works for some kids but not others. Each kid is different & you have to use what works for you but most of all I advice being consisent with why you punish. If a child knows their boundaries & knows that if they do something that they get into trouble every time they do it, they are less likely to keep doing it :)

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I can't even imagine sticking a one year old in a time out! I could never do that. I could also never stick a child in the corner sinceI think that's mean. I do the counting to 60 for my 3 year old but I count slowly as well. Boys especially need to know where the ending is. To tell them they are getting a 3 minute time out is too abstract. If they can hear you counting, they are soooo much more willing to take their time out and they do get it. If I do one of those, I won't have to have another one for the rest of the day. I started doing time outs at about 2 1/2. Good luck! Make sure you tell them you love them but you don't like what they did and tell them why it's not ok.

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put a chair in the corner and make them sit there if they get up get them and put them back

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My 4 year old son is very sarcastic. (I'm the one to blame for that) lol...but when he doesn't listen,...he stands in the corner with his hands on his head. The crazy thing is, he actually obeys the command. ..but when i ask him is he ready to change his act?....he says no...and he's super smart and I know he understands. He has the conversation like a teen. I don't underestimate his mind because of his I know he knows exactly what I'm asking. I don't know what type of discipline I should give him to get through to him?

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Its not about tricks..its about you standing your ground as the parent in the home. If it takes all day then let it, but YOU are the one in charge and need to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. I took care of a 3 year old little girl who comes from a very disfunctional family. She was always yelling and being very mean. The first time I put her on a timeout was definitely hard, but SOOOOOOOO worth it! Because she is only 3 her actual timout time was only 3 minutes...but she stood there and fought with me for a good 30-45 minutes BEFORE her time was started. I was so frustrated I had to put myself on a timeout...which is OK for you to do...because it sets a good example for them and shows them that even we are not above a timeout! Be firm, stand your ground, and watch it change your world =)

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Yeah... We have never done the corner (and neither does supernanny ;) ). We do timeouts but when my kids were younger, I often has to put them in my lap. Now they sit against a wall or in a chair, but never in a corner


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