How do you get your toddler to eat fruit?

Toddlers can be very picky eaters, and getting them to eat anything nutritious can be difficult. What are some proven strategies to get toddlers to eat fruit?

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By putting it in front of him. My question is... How do you get your toddler to eat meat? LOL

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How do you get your almost 4 year old to eat meat OR fruit! Mine wont eat either! He eats bananas and chicken nuggets. Thats all in either dept.

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Um... don't all toddlers love fruit? It's all sweet and full of natural sugars. How do you get your kid to STOP eating fruit??? My kid's fruit habit is becoming very expensive. It's everything else that I can't get her to eat.

If someone can't get their toddler to eat fruit then I suggest they cut out all the junk food. We only have sweets in the house on special occasions, so if we want something sweet then the only choice we have is which fruit to eat. Toddlers who don't have a choice between an apple or a cup of ice cream will have no choice but to eat the apple (or nothing).

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wow! thats very encouraging!

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I just received a book from a friend it is called "Sneaky Chef to the Rescue" look it up there are great ideas on how to get your kids to eat any thing

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cool teach your kids to be deceitful and disonest man thats way haha JUST tell them their gone eat it haha why hide

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As for fruit! SMOOTHIES! get yourself a blender or food processor and mix some milk, ice cream, and fresh (OR frozen) fruits into an amazing creamy smoothie, or fruit juice and applesauce if you dont want the dairy. I would throw in some ice as well for a nice cool treat.

As a last resort and a special treat take some fruit blend it, then boil it into a syrup. mix with carbonated water or club soda and you can make your own carbonated juices, the kids like the bubbles, and it isnt chock full of crud like some of the soda pops out there. They think they are getting a treat and you know it is all natural :)

Hope that helps!

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Well if you don't give your kid sweets, fruit is the sweetest thing they can eat. My 2 yr old son loves it, it's dessert to him....

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My son has always liked fruit-even as a baby when eaten in a mesh bag. Today we enjoy it as a "special dessert" when dipped in a little honey or powdered sugar, or smoothies with a "special" straw!

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we startedd with the mesh feeders and while she was teething gave her frozen fruit to gum up... she hasn't had an issue eating fruits for us. she now likes small pieces she can give to herself. she also like to imitate what everyone around her. so when at picnics or cook outs i bring a knife/ scissors and cut down watermelon so she can eat it from the rind like everyone else and an extra shirt so we don't stain up the pretty one while eating. another thing i do is when the fresh fruit isn't getting eaten is puree it down and freeze it so we can then use it for smoothies as we want it. i add it to a lil van yougurt and we have a yummy frozen treat...i also make it into popsycles

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My daughter is two and a very very picky eater. She wont eat any fruits that I cut up for her. I have found that if I give her fruits like a whole nectarine that she will sit there and eat it forever. Not only does she eat it but it keeps her occupied for a good amount of time. Her bites are so small that I dont have to worry so much about choking. Any fruits like strawberrys, I give to her whole she eats a lot better.

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Thats funny, sounds like my son. I did that with an apple. Wont eat slices or cut up as much. It took him about an hour to eat it but he did down to the core!!! Definitely occupying as well ;o)

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Eat fruit yourself! Toddlers are great imitators and will eat whatever their parents eat. But, they're also very intuitive and know what you like and don't like. So be cautious of what you eat and your opinions of food around your toddler. If that doesn't work, I make almond butter fluff for dipping fruit into and my toddler loves it. I just mix equal parts yogurt and almond butter (peanut butter works, too) either with a fork or in the food processor. It's high in protein and delicious.

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I eat fruits, my 7 years old daughter eats lots of fruits, but my 5 years old son refused to even touch one. I have tried all I can, to cut the fruits to different shapes, put them in a skewer, he just wouldn't touch. He stopped eating fruits when he turned 2, before that, he ate all kinds of fruits that i fed him. What's wrong?

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try bite sized pieces on skewers or bite sized pieces chopped up and give them yoghurt or custard to dip in before they bite, try mashing fruit and freezing it like ice cubes? With an apple or pear use a corer and make round shapes this is a great treat for my girls and something different! maybe with softer fruits flatten and then shape with a cookie cutter!!??
I don't have this problem as my kids are good eaters!! Good luck!!

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I wish my Daughter could have fruit. She is allergic to almost all of them. Thank goodness she does love her veggies!!

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To kick off the love of healthy foods, I would walk around eating carrots, cucumber and celery sticks, and mango and exaggerate how delicious they were. But we would give our daughter a little taste to get her interested.

Fruit- Smoothies if they like the temperature of cold and blended ingredients. If they like popsicles, try frozen grapes, frozen mango and frozen pineapple, but you have to stick around, since choking can happen at that age. I like fruit and yogurt-that worked well from 8 months to 3 years. At 8 months, I would combine applesauce, baby oatmeal flakes, cinnamon and yogurt. Now I often do banana and peanut butter. I saw on a blog to make a "hot dog" with half a banana, peanut butter, honey in a bun, hot dog style. If it's crunchy texture your child favors, try Asian pears, freeze-dried fruit, mango that is not quite ripe. Hot and soft? Heat up applesauce or some peaches that you have mashed.

For veggies, grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, celery, corn and avocado, and cucumber work again depending on textures and temperatures. My daughter likes tomatoes and liquids and tart flavors, so I would make gazpacho in the summer and homemade tomato soup in the winter. For meat, my husband would puree meat into spaghetti sauce or eggs. We are pretty creative...and lucky.

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maybe not giving your kids the right to tell you what he or she will do will and will not do might be good to , my son at that age didnt have a choice he all ways ate what was giving for day one man i dont know if i just had a good kid or what but man it seems that so many people now a days say this my son is 9 now and he dose have some things he don;t care for but he will eat them if i asked him to, also he dose try new things to unlike most kids i think for you all its now going to be hard cause you let them get away with it i mean think for what your parents or your parents parents would have done if a kid didnt eat whats was given ???? for me if i didnt eat i had one hour to eat it and sit there if it wasn't eatten i had to have it for the next meal or any time i said i was Hungary

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I have a 3yr old nephew who didnt eat fruit so i started buying the jello with fruit in it and making Smoothies for him. He fell in love with them both and disnt know he was eating fruit

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Smoothies are the answer and you can freeze them and make pops so they are fun!

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Make it fun!:) cut them in fun shapes,find a fun dip:) My son is 3 and he loves fruit n veggies:)

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Something I came across and worked wonders for my picky eater was I cut up apple and baked it with cinnamon. I added a tiny bit of water in the bottom. He ate all of it and was crying for more.
He also tends to eat apple sauce over apples. So you could try blending things, even make fruit smoothies with yogurt and tofu. Then you get fruits, dairy and protein.

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Disguise it! Put it with yogurt ( has a really good kind) or even cottage cheese. Chop it up into tiny pieces and freeze it with some orange juice to make a popsicle. Put peanut butter on apples or Nutella on banana slices!

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my dr recommended danimals yougurt Brady sucks it right thru the straw while I keep introducing fruits of different textures. Sometimes he is Brave and tries them but if they have skin like grapes, berries he wil shew them and spit them out.. he started getting sick of the straw, so now hes trying to "dip" his own spoon into yougurt, I started buying them with lil characters like dora on them and he thinks its "doras snack" and he eats it up!

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Make sure the fruit is ripe . Most children love sweet things . If it is not ripe you wont eat it either . Your child might be a veggie eater and not fruit but there is usually a few fruits they will love just try different ones till the child picks its favorites .

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MUST BUY: FRUIT BUDDIES!!! They are in a drinkable pouch. Put them in the fridge. They are all natural fruits mixed to taste like a smoothie almost. My 2 1/2 years old loves them. She also loves apples peeled and sliced. Some kids like apples tossed in sugar and cinnamon.

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I have a baby that refused to eat baby food and when he got teeth, he refused to eat veggies or fruit, he would scream and throw it on the floor, at 10 months of age...yikes. He is my 3rd child and my other 2 LOVED their fruits and veggies so I was not sure what to do to insure he was getting his nutrition. I began blending the fruits and veggies and making drinks out of them and he drinks them up. There is always a blender going in our house and although I feel he is missing out of the true texture and taste of his veggies, I can be assured that he is thriving and getting a full amount of nutrition which is what matters now. All other hurdles can be conquered at a later time, ha.

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Put it out before mealtime....if they are hungry, then tell them to eat what is there....
Also, any healthy dip, Microwave peanut butter, or nutella, have the fruit/veggies available....dipping food is always fun for kids, they can do it themselves, so it promotes independence... or you can puree it, and use it in recipes...also with veggies...
If they are a good veggie eater, dont worry about the fruit./...less sugar in veggies!!!!!

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Never had that problem but what I would do is make a puree of fruits and mix some juice with it and make popsicles out of them. Get your child to help . In my home if they help me in the kitchen they usually help me eat it. I also freeze bananas and put peanut butter around them and dip them in chocolate and refreeze. My kids love them.

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The key is to never give your children unhealthy food. Our daughter didn't even have sugar or frosting until she was 2, and only for her birthday cake. Since she could eat, we have always given her fruits and veggies. This is all she knows, and she loves every fruit we put in front of her! If you are starting a new "diet" be diligent and strong willed. If your child won't eat the apples or pears you put on their plate for lunch, don't give in and replace it with an unhealthy snack. If your child won't eat the fruit, then they can just be finished with lunch. Don't worry. They won't starve and its not cruel. You just need to be firm in not giving into your children. Remember, you are the parent and you know that it is good for them to eat fruit.

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My little girl, Ellise only eats bananas & mangoes. If I have to make her eat other fruits when the two are not available, I mix a new fruit with a little of Hershey's chocolate syrup or plain yogurt or sprinkle the fruit with Hershey's Kisses chocolate milk bits. It always works, win-win!

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Kinda odd question, most kids love fruit. I never gave my son much fruity food when he was an infant cause I didn't want him to get in the habbit of only wanting the sweets, I wanted him to eat fruit as a treat. Now he lovesfruit, bananas are his favorite with apples as a close second.

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Paisley refuses to eat any fruits or veggies now...her diet is oatmeal every morning...rice or mac n cheese or Peanut butter sandwich for lunch and its a crap shoot for dinner...she loves Vietnamese rice noodles...and thats about it. its getting pretty frustrating...i know she'll come around. any ideas for an extremely stubborn 2 year old?

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My daughter had a stubborn bit with veggies for a minute. What I did was wait until she was hungry and then give her ONLY the veggies first, then once she gave in and ate them, I gave her the other part of the meal. It worked immediately and it only took a few times of doing it before I could put her veggies back on the plate WITH the rest of the meal and be confident that they would be eaten.

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I have the same problem with my 17 month old. She refuses to eat any kind of meat.

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I don't have to try hard at all, I just put it on his tray. It's the same with Veggies and Meat. He does like it when I put it on a baby fork and hand him the fork. He seems to do much better.

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My toddler loves fruit. When I ask him if he wants a treat, he goes to the fridge and picks out fruit. Especially tangerines. He loves them. He fruit preferences has changed though, he used to be able to eat a pint of blueberries, now I can't get him too touch them. Try changing the fruits with the seasons. Some fruits are better different time of the year. Like for instance, strawberries right now around here (Central Newfoundland), aren't very good, so apples and oranges/tangerines are a better choice, where as in the middle of summer strawberries are a better choice. Also he doesn't get junk food as such only as a treat or special occasion. Try giving your child options maybe two or three kinds of fruit. My toddler loves them all but sometimes when he's picky and won't eat certain fruit although he likes it all. So I make him a fruit salad then he can pick what he wants to eat, and I eat the rest as not to be wasteful where fresh fruit is so expensive here. Can fruit is always a good option and almost as healthy.

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I have to hide the fruit in our house. She will eat it until it is gone! She has always loves fruit. She will only eat some veggies though. We need to work on the veggies now. :)

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I eat fruit for dessert. That got them excited, thinking it was a treat, so each of my kids LOVE fruit. :) I make fruit dishes that look cool, bright and exciting too. That always helps!

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My daughter loves fruit, it's veggies that I have a problem with. I make her smoothies, 1/2 fruit 1/2 veggies. Great way to get in 1-2 servings of veggies and fruit in each day! She's a little pickier now at 2 1/2 but up until a few months ago this was a guaranteed way to get her to eat veggies. She has a special smoothie cup and straw that help too. (never told her everything that was in it, just 1-2 ingredients like a Strawberry Smoothie, or Peanut Butter Smoothie)

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i eat fruit in the am. my son always eats what i eat.
i also make him smootie/milkshakes. fruit, greek yogurt, and splash of water. feed with spoon.

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We don't have any tricks we use. We don't really give our son any kind of junk so he doesn't know anything other than what he's eaten. He loves fruit and vegetables. His favorite thing to eat are tomatoes.

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It is funny that this question has come up. My daughter would rather eat fruit than mac n cheese, hot dogs, chips, or anything else. Last night I made her chicken noodle soup and I cut up pears to go with it. She ate all the pears and left the noodles. I have not found a fruit that she does not like yet. She has even eaten the baby food prunes. The only veggie that I have found that she doesn't care for is potatoes. She will eat them every now and then but not many, not even french fries.

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Amen Danielle! That's exactly how my daughter is, too.

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We have a set snack time at 7:30 pm every night. I always serve some kind of fruit or another.

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Grapes! They're like nature's sweets.

I'm lucky, like many others here, my little girl loves grapes, bananas, apples, strawberries etc.

One tip I always hear is to hide fruit and/or veg in other foods, if you're having problems - purée some fruit into a yoghurt, for example.

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I've never really had any problems with my son eating fruit, he loves most types of fruit. He is very picky about vegetables. He only likes potatoes, any other veg I have to hide in pasta, rice or pies.


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