How do you handle a 1 year old that whines constantly?

At only 1 year old, it's hard to know how aware your baby is of her actions. How do you deal with it when your one year old whines all the time?

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I whine with my him! He pauses and tries to figure out my problem. When we're both calm, I proceed to talk to him and encourage him to use language skills as well.

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Teach him/her baby signs. We love baby signs! My one year old knows about five, and does them in his way. When your child whines calmly say "would you like a drink" or whatever they are whining about...just try to be patient and calm. When they whine don't give them what they want till you get a calm response.

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Somehow in this child's mind whining has become a way to get something he or she desires. I think when they are that young they still operate on what has worked for them in the past; they don't have enough experience to have lots of ways to respond. I would suggest that if you can cope with it, try to ignore the whine, don't give in. When your child isn't whining, give them lots and lots of positive attention (cuddles, games with you, reading books, dancing). This will hopefully fulfill the need for attention that they are craving without it being connected to the whining. Good luck, it's one of the most difficult noises to deal with.

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My daughter just turned 2 and hits those times
once in a while so we either ignore her or we tell
her if she talks and tells us what she wants we will
help her.. But if that doesn't help we send her to her
bedroom to calm down and she come back when she
quits crying. Hope everything works out for you. You
can also ask your Pediatrician about the whining.

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A child that is whining is usually looking for attention the wrong way. They either need more 1 on 1 time or just time period. My son is just starting to talk at 2 and he will whine but it is for a reason. Hungry, needs some mommy hugs or daddy hugs or just wants to be held. They are at that transition stage I want to be the baby but I want to explore the world on my own. Over tired or over stimulated can do it as well. So a calming activity like music and looking at pictures helps.

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If my daughter would whine, I'd put her in her crib and tell her she's staying there until she stops whining.

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Talk to him/ could be for attention, and could be because of being bored..could be because something hurts, hot or cold.. you know..

But my daughter is 2 (just turned 2 in June) and at her daycare center there was a little girl who WHINNED ALL DAY!!! She was just a little terrible little something.. and all the kids started to copy her.. including my daughter.. she came home one day and started with this urgent kind of whinning and I just looked at her got close in her face and I talked to her and said, SAY I WANT......JUICE, MILK, PLAY..BYE BYE..etc...I would not repsond to her whinning because I know where it was coming from...

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My son is just over 2 now, but we have always told him that we dont understand him when he whines and that if he needs to do it to feel better, that it's fine but he should do it in his room until he decides he is done. He quickly realizes that he wont get the reaction he wants from us by whining and he usually stops immediately. Only on rare occasion does he actually leave, and then he finishes having his melt down and comes back to talk when he is calm.

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She's just exploring her language skills. The important thing is not to reward annoying behavior with positive reinforcement, and to try to channel her energy into more positive ways of communicating with you.

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if your baby is a whiner, there are many reasons this could be happening, lack of communication as some babies are more responsive then others. then theres if mum your not fully happy your baby will pick up on this, and be fare no mum is happy when baby crys constant. i have 5 children and had 1 that cried constant she 14 now and still craves attention. so its not all about mum either. i found that playgroups run by local athorities helped coz baby seeing other babies and how they communicate help bring my baby forward in learning to communicate. singing is another good way of stopping baby crying as can be very soothing and baby see you relax and starts to calm down. and you dont have to sing in tune either lol as long as your relaxed whilst doing it. when your baby is not crying try pointing games and little signs so you can understand what your baby is asking for. when i give my baby a bottle from 6mnths i would tap my mouth with my 2 fingers and say bottle so by the time he was 8mnths and he could barely mutter daddy he could tell me that he wanted a bottle through copying the sign. hes 18mnths now and very forward in talking and communicating but i do believe that through being around other babies and the fact i got more experience this hope this helps you and good luck.

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you may try to find something to distract the child like some bricks to play with or water fun . some music that they may like .
good luck


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