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How do you keep a baby healthy through the winter cold season?

Everyone is more likely to get sick during the winter, and it can be especially hard to make sure your newborn stays healthy. What are some tips for keeping your baby healthy during the winter?

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6  Answers

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Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do to keep a baby healthy and boost their immune system.

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baby balsam on their chest, back & feet (then put socks on), a vaporiser at night times work wonders too, always rug up when going out, hygiene is a big thing too

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keep them warm, dont take them outside with out covering them up, not too too, bundled, make sure the ears are not take them out in the cold right after waking up let them get their body temp. adjusted.. the ears that is very important, ear infections are the most painful a baby can have, it can be avoided if you keep a bini on there head when out side.feed them healthy

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We have been doing several things, diet is most important, we make sure our little one gets plenty of citrus fruits and actually blueberries are suppose to ward cold and flu off as well so fruit is great! We also wash our hands a lot as well and make sure we clean our sons hands with hand wipes after he plays at a park, etc. We have found that a warm mist vaporizer works well too and we also add Lavender oil to the vaporizer for a relaxing and great nights sleep! Bundle them up as well on those very cold days outside:)))) We will fight this winter for sure! I am happy to say our son is 21 months old and he never has had a cold or flu, just a runny nose from sinus!

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A cool mist humidifier, we've had one rrunning in both our kids rooms (4yr old and 10 months old) since november (no colds yet) and if they do get one it helps keep nose clear and helps prevent a viral infection (clear boogers) from becoming a secondary bacterial one (yellow boogers)

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make sue your house is always warm and if they crawl around make sure there is no cold drafts and bundle your baby when they go outside,try to avoid being around someone who has cold/flu.those are a few tips and if you have a cold make to wash your hands before feeding,changing your baby etc.


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