How do you keep your sex life up after giving birth?

Let's face it: a new baby can be exhausting, and your hormones are in a new place after giving birth. How can you still maintain an active sex life once you're had your baby?

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Oh yay, that once cute baby bump is now a little "pouch"...
It wasn't easy for me. But I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Husband. Who would catch me looking at my body in the mirror with a face of disgust. He'd come up behind me, wrap his arms around me, and tel me I've never looked sexier. When I would protest and try to complain about my stretch marks and my "pouch" he would only smile and say "all I see are the beautiful marks that my gorgeous wife is a mom." ♥
I hope all of you have that kind of love.

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Aw, I think thats the cuttest thing ive ever heard

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I do the same thing and have a husband that responds in the same way. Aren't we lucky :-)

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My husband is the same way three kids in just undergone years this last baby was hard and my husband still a year after well I complain looks at me and goes not ugly they are your mothering strips and wear them with pride as you look at your kids :) !!

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wow! you have a wonderful husband..

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A rare wonderful man.

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hahahaha he kept asking "when do we play, when do we play?"...all my attention was on the baby til she was about 15mnts- we culd "play" like once in a week and i know it was not enough for my (poor) DH- now our "play" time is surprisingly anytime :)

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Congrats you're a new Mommy lol. It is simply exhausting, and we don't feel the absolute greatest about our bodies after we give birth. So this is what worked for me; my hubby made it special for me (like the first time romance again lol). We had a romantic evening once our babies were in bed and I did my best to try and relax. Good luck, everyone is different.

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M Boyfriend is always wanting to have sex and after having my daughter im not really into it yet. I don't know whats wrong with me and I don't want this to effect our relationship. My daughter is a year old and i try to give him love but our daughter sleeps in our room due to we had to get roommates. if anyone has any advice I sure would like to hear it

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Watching him play with or cuddle our son revs my engines in a whole new way. The first few months were rough, and then one night he was playing with our little one in the floor, giving him a bath and putting him to bed, and I just suddenly felt an urge again--and as soon as lights out, I pulled him across the hall to our room!

I heard Dr. Ruth speak one time, and she got the age old question of "He wants it more than I do, what do I do?" She said, "It takes like two minutes, why not just let him?" Then she explained that it can bring you closer by showing them that even when you aren't on your A game you still want to satisfy them.

I think the hardest part was not feeling sexy--I don't think anyone does right afterwards! Our son is nearly sixteen months now and I still don't feel it sometimes. But then he gives me that look and does what he does so well (got us into this in the first place, after all, lol!), and I feel like the most desirable woman in the world. He says, "Your body changed because you carried my son--how can I not find that to be irresistible?" Then adds that he doesn't exactly look like he did when we first met either, which usually makes me chuckle.

I really suggest really trying to explain to your significant other how you feel. If you don't feel sexy, if you don't have the energy, whatever the reasoning. Then try to work it out together. My fiancé is my best friend, and at the end of the day, whether I am tired or sore or what have you, I enjoy sharing that intimacy with him.

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Wow, I don't know ladies, my baby is 8 months old and i'm still having a heck of a time getting back into the swing of things, this is my third baby, it seems harder this time. Anybody else have this problem? And how do i get back into it?

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sex? what's that?? lol. having a sex life with a newborn or infant is so difficult!! try scheduling it, you may not be in the mood at the start, but you will be after you start. i found that once we actually started doing it again more regularly, i wanted it more again. just takes time, don't stress about it too much. and remember, your body just went through one of the most traumatic natural things a woman can ever go through. your body is also just a little different now and you both have to get used to sex being maybe just a little different.

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We did OK after baby #1, but after baby #2 things have been harder. Had to have a trip to a gynae to sort things out. And even then energy has been an issue! (or lack of) It sounds really silly, but we've had to schedule days, where I don't make excuses, I just say OK, and do my best to enjoy my adoring husband's attentions. For me it's about the mindset more than anything. And trying to get an early night whenever possible!

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Don't feel silly saying you have to schedule days. My hubby and I had to do that for a while, simply because I was just too tired from taking care of our daughter & he too tired from working. But now that our little girl is 15 months, it's getting easier and a little more unplanned to have "Mommy/Daddy" time.

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After 4 weeks my husband kept asking are still bleeding? Are your stitches healed yet? It was cute

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Lol that's guy code for "I want you, I want you, I want YOU!" I think my husband was very lucky...I only bled for about 2

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My scar was painful for about 7 weeks and almost 7 months later things are getting back to normal but pain can still be a problem. I would have died after 4 weeks let alone 2! Good thing hubby is a patient man!

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