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How do you know when your child is teething?

What are the symptoms and signs that your baby has started teething? How do I know for sure?

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6  Answers

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Very fussy, sometimes wakes up crying, lots of drooling, and it seems that her soreness/pain comes around the same time in the evening. I know for sure when when I pick her up and she starts trying to pull her hair, rubs her cheeks and sniffles, or if I try to give her a pacifier/bottle and she won't take it.

Teething tablets and tylenol are amazing!

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Increased slobbing, chewing on almost any object that will fit in their mouth, crankiness/irritability, fevers, diarrhea, and swollen gums.

This article may provide more detailed information and remedies...good luck and remain patient:

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My sure way is the smell of his dummy! its awful, but dentist said that normal. also drooling n dribbling and wanting to everything in mouth (something my lo never did), high temperature, off food, sleeping more some times less, general crabbiness/off it.

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Aside from drooling nd chewing on everything, they can also run a fever, cough from the large amounts of drool, be very cranky and clingy, refuse food and certain cups, wake up more in the middle of the night, have a hard time going to sleep during nap time. There are a ton of signs and even more ways to relieve the pain. Freezing a wet wash cloth or teething ring, letting them chew on a carrot or celery (depending on age), using a soft spout cup, teething tablets, tylenol. Most importantly they need mommy's comfort. if they are having a hard time nursing or taking a bottle I definately recomend giving them some tylenol and maybe even teething tablet because nursing is a great way to comfort a baby in pain.

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Both my kids had increased drooling, one refused to eat and wanted to nurse all the time, wanted to be held all the time and was miserable, the other wanted to eat hard stuff all the time and was only slightly irritable. Both got mild fevers and diarreah right before the teeth started to break through.

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he b/f's all night long and doesnt eat


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