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How do you lose your baby weight?

For some moms, the baby weight falls of naturally. But, what do you do when the baby weight sticks around? Which weight loss strategies actually work?

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23  Answers

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No matter how I "do" pregnancy (three now), I always gain 60 lbs. or so. And it hangs around unless I beat it off. No shortcuts for me. I have lost the weight in the past by running it off, with some weight training. It took many months of running and weight training with a very restricted diet in terms of what I could eat. My body likes to be fat.

I've heard other moms saying, "I cut out all the bread and dairy and it worked" (three months later they look like their normal selves again) or "I just make sure I go on a 20-minute walk at least five days a week" (ditto). I'm happy and somewhat jealous that they can do it so easily! But more power to them. My own plan lasts for a year to 18 months to get back somewhere near normal:

--Weight training
--Restricted diet (both in calories eaten and in foods that can be eaten) based on fresh foods, no dairy, no desserts, low dietary fat overall, and an emphasis on protein that matches whatever level of weight training I'm doing

Needless to say, this doesn't start happening until the baby has grown up a bit and I have more time and energy. Till then I just do the best I can to eat well, walk regularly, and not slap the snotty haters out there. What do the rest of you do? I would love to learn from others' routines.

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I have used It Works wraps!! I am now a distributor and these crazy wrap things REALLY work!! I am helping so many mommies get their bodies back! I have gone from food stamps to freedom in 4 months!! email me at

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Healthy exercise, healthy eating, and breast feeding (if you will be breast feeding). But keep in mind the healthy part, because otherwise, the weight will come right back.

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I gained over 50lbs with my son when I was pregnant. I lost half of it by about week 2 or 3 after having him but it took me almost a year to lose the rest with working out twice a day and eating healthier for the most part. I had my times where I didn't watch what I was eating though and some times where I wouldn't work out. But, it's really hard for me to lose weight, that's the way my body is and even though I've lost all but 2 of my pregnancy lbs, I had more fat on me then when i've been at a higher weight before so it took a LOT of hard working out and counting calories to be able to fit into my pre pregnancy pants again. I run in the morning and do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred in the afternoon and I go on walks with my son. I also do separate little things here and there.

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COUNT YOUR CALORIES. I used a smartphone app called My Fitness Pal to keep track of what I ate. Counting calories is tedious, but is it scientifically proven to be the best way to successfully lose weight. No fad diets, just eat healthy, wholesome foods. Remember, the "diet" you choose will be forever.

RUNNING. I read a book called Run Your Butt Off, which is helping me because I am quite out of shape. Running is the most time-effecient way to burn calories. Also, it is cheap, no gym membership needed. Just get a decent pair of running shoes and some loose, comfortable clothing. A watch with a timer helps too.

TIME. Weight loss is gradual. You should expect to lose between 1/2 to 1 pound per week. Don't get frustrated and give up when the weight doesn't fall off right away. Just keep at it and set realistic goals to help yourself along the way.

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Is it typical to gain more weight with the second pregnancy? I am not pregnant again yet, but I'm just wondering because with my first one I was actually one of the really lucky ladies who lose the weight immediately. I worked out everyday of my pregnancy event the day I delivered (and yes I was in labor but didn't know it) and still work out everyday now, the only time i didn't work out was the three to four weeks I was recovering from my C-Section. I only gained about 20 - 25 lbs my entire pregnancy so there wasn't much to lose, but I am worried with the second one I will gain more than that because my life style has just changed in general.

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I had 2 kids 11 months apart, and gained an average of 95 lbs between both of them, I went from like 125/130 to 195. I've been doing regular exercise, and eating healthy and so far I'm down 5 lbs, but I've also lost 11", which to me makes a huge difference rather than how much I weigh. I've been doing zumba 3-5 times a week, and jillian michaels 30 day shred and other fitness programs she had and so far I feel fantastic and notice a huge difference in how i feel, and how i look. It may take a little longer for you, like it does most people, unless your like those lucky girls who can literally leave the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans. haha just work hard, eat healthy, and eventually the weight will come off :)

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I was 125 before I got pregnant then at the end I was 158 lbs. I gained 41 pounds. But right after I had my son I lost 14 pounds but the last few pounds still dont want to come off and its been almost 8 months. I'm still working hard at because I've never been overweight. I try to exercise every day for the most part. We dont go out and eat so we always have home cooked meals which are better for you and I drink loads of water.It isn't really what you eat, it's how much.

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Healthy Eating and exercising. I was over 40, gained 35 lbs during pregnancy and lost 33 llbs post pregancy. Read my story here at main site:

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Hello ladies ... i just wanted to tell u all about this amazing 90 day journey i just finished we all know we have a weight loss or fitness goal but its hard with little ones and husbands and jobs and whatever else u have going on in ur life let alone to find energy to workout and cook these elaborate healthy meals so i just wanted to tell u about this 90 day fitness challenge i just took ... s the 90 day Visalus shake challenge its for every body and evrey BODY whether u have 10 pounds to lose or 200 pounds to lose it will work for u ! its as easy as replacing a meal with a shake no its not a magic shake but is is full of nutrition and vitamins that ur body needs and doesnt usually get ... I started doing the challenge because i had gained 30 pounds while pregnant and no matter how hard i tried i couldnt lose it so i decided to try this what did i have to lose - 90 days later i am full of energy, way more confident, and down 3 jean sizes and 15 pounds ! i feel greaat and i am happy for the first time which makes my husband and daughter happy :) if any of this sounds familiar feel free to comment below and i would love to chat with u about the challenge and what it can do for u :) i am by NO means selling u anything i am just so happy with my results i am sharing my experience with u ... if in the ned u would like to try it out i can point u in the right direction :) thanks for listening hope to hear from u ! if i can do it u can do it too

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Eating healthy, incorporate some kind of exercise program & Skinny Fiber, a 100% all natural stimulant free fiber/enzyme supplement that flat out works, works for many other health issues in addition to weight loss too! I lost over 25lbs in under 2 months, it is amazing and changing so many lives!

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when i was pregnant and i cut out bread and cheese. but loseing the weight after it was hard but i chose to breastfeed and it help me loss alot of my weight, then i started going and working out and going to zumba alot. that helped me.

kind regards, Khloe

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Work out at least 3 times a week and push it hard those 2 times for almost 2 hours, walk daily, watch what you eat. It took me 2 years 1/2 years to lose and then ended up pregnant again.

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Man I feel yea with my 1st I was 140lbs and looking good I gained almost 75 lbs well I was preggo could lose the weight I list some back down to 160 then got preggo with the 2nd and list weight well preggo and healthy too then with my third I gained the weight right back up to 240 lbs if you have an Xbox wii or play station pic up the dance games you can play them with your kids and your hubby if into it or with whom ev even girls ngt the work out is amazing I have lost 40lbs with that's and instead of breaky an lunch I wip up a fruit smoothly with 250mls of milk and 1/4 cup of strawberries 1/4 of blackberries and 1/4 of blueberries or what ev fruit I feel like having so it comes to 16oz to drink then I have a snak and do the same for lunch lil snack before dinner and a nice dinner do the dance game befor bed with the kids and it tires them out and gets them ready for bed hope this helps

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Running, weight training, and lots of cardio!! Eating small(sensible) frequent meals. Unfortunatley, no matter how hard I try I have so much excess skin around my belly area! I am a small woman and had a very big baby!!!!

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After my pregnancy I felt like a meatball! (Not the sexiest feeling when trying to still be romantic with your hubby). So I found this diet called the Dukan Diet. It is all protein. I eat a lot of chicken, fish, and veggies. I like this diet because to me it is more of a lifestyle. I am a huge meat eater and I could definitely be on this for the rest of my life. BONUS: going out to dinner stinks because you can't have all of the stuff that the meat is marinated in and so you save money by making your dinner at home. :) I do save money now too.

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some people are just fortunate to lose it right away not me i was 208 when i was pregnant and gained about 10 to 15 lbs it all has to to with diet and exxercize and some people it just dont matter they lost it so fast and dont gain it as fast i was losing fast when i was breast feeding but i would have to say good diet and exercise is the key

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I like food way to much to give it up & I have always disliked exercise *sigh* lol. What ended up working for me (and still works if I put on a few pounds) I dance with my son to his music. Kids music is usually fun & "bouncy" we both loved it & now he is eight and we still do & love it, it's "our" time plus it's great exercise without calling it exercise :D

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I am currently using a program through . I lost 4kg in 2 weeks using meal replacements and healthy eating and exercise. Good Luck to all.

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After I had my first, my daughter who is 3, I was 117 pounds pre pregnancy and 160 post pregnancy. I lost all the weight easily... I didn't really try. My stomach went completely back to normal and you couldn't really tell I had a baby, and I stayed at about 120 pounds a few months after I had her and for about 2 more years thereafter! HOWEVEr, baby number two, I weighed 128 pre pregnancy and 172 when he was born.... and now I weigh 135 pounds and he's 9 months old.. I'm sooo tired all the time that I find it hard to get the energy to get enough exercise in!!! I work quite a bit as an RN and I'm just so worn out with 2 kids and a military husband! whew! Sooo, I'm still trying to work on that extra weight and work on eating healthier and hopefully finding the time and energy to exercise sometime soon!

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i have always lost my baby weight after all my children from, immediatly to 1 year, that was 4 kids, one at a time. I just had twins 5 months ago gained 85 lbs, and only lost40 of it. Im fat only in the "jelly roll" area and its not budgeing, all pants slide off my rear, and the only shirts that fit my belly are too big in arms, shoulders, and breast area. .I walk, dont eat, remember I have 6 kids total, ans run around the house like im a human indy 500 car. Im fat now and I better get used to it! So long 120 lb. woman, hello 160 lbs.ugghhh.

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I feel you Alexandra. I had my 7th last year, but you should feel good because I weigh a lot more than you. I am running all day long, but can't seem to shed a pound. With 7 I have no time for formal exercise. I try to eat right, but every time my son has been in the hospital(he was born at 32 weeks), it all seems to go out the window. My problem isn't gaining weight while pregnant because I get such horrible pregnancy sickness. It's after when I'm nursing and I'm extra hungry.

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ah man! it's way harder than i imagined it would be! unfortunately, i was about 20lbs overweight when i conceived my daughter (whose now ten months) and gained about 30lbs during my pregnancy. now, 10 months later, i've lost only about 10lbs and it's driving me crazy. i've lost over 13 inches, though, and i almost fit into the same size as i was before conceiving, so i believe i've gained a bunch of muscle, hauling around the kiddo and all her gear ;). anyhow, i really want/need to lose about 40 lbs. i'm trying the eat-clean diet along with walking everyday, but it's hard to find time to eat 5-6 small meals/day. i need to do more exercise, i think. anyone else have any success with a certain program? after reading the posts on here so far, i must say that i really admire all of your determination and hard work! wow!

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it was easy for me I was 117 before I got pregnant. I went into labor weighting 177 and after I went home I lost 25 pounds giving birth. I'm not 132 and my baby is seven months. All I did was by workout shoes and sandles. I work four jobs and I'm always on the move. I was also diebetic while I was pregnant and I stay on that diet after I had baby. I look like either though I won't be a size four ever again. I'm a size 10. I have fat and muscle on my body instand of skin and bones.
now i'm 122 and size 9 jeans


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