How do you manage adult friendships after having a baby?

Baby takes a lot of your time, and sometimes friends who don't have children can't relate to the changes you're going through. But that doesn't mean those friendships aren't worth holding on to! What are some ways you've found that are effective to maintain adult friendships once your baby comes?

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It is sooooooo hard to do this. I had one "friend" turn her back on me completely stating i had given up on all my prior priorities and friends should be just as important as "that baby". At the time i was really struggling with my first born, breastfeeding wasn't working very well and all i needed was support, and time to find my feet as a mum. I told her to go to hell and sought the friendship and support from other mums. I did manage to maintain a few friends without kids but these people were very aware of my situation and were very supportive, let me step back and deal first with my child and then give them some of my extra time. Once you get organised with a baby it is not too hard to grab a coffee here and there and phones and email are great. Now i have 3 and this friend has sought me out stating she misses me and wants to rekindle our friendship. (She is also planning to have her own children in the near future).

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I can sure relate to that. Thanks for sharing!

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