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How do you organize and display your family photos?

With digital cameras and it's easy to amass a lot of family photos that just live on our computers. What tricks do you have for keeping your family photos organized? What do you like to do to put them on display?

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The trick is to organize your digital images as you load them in your computer so you don't get overwhelmed. I use Creative Memories' Memory Manager because it automatically sorts images by their date stamp and allows me to set up files and drag multiple images into one or more files without making duplicates of the photos and using additional space on my hard drive. I try to improve any bad photos, if they are the only ones. Otherwise, I delete them, if I have others from the event. Then if I want to find the photo for a particular event, I can easily find them.

One of my favorite projects is a calendar each year that has a detachable 12x12 page. I use photos from the same month from the previous year. That way I have a calendar to enjoy for the year and a snapshot page of each month's best photos to keep. But, I'm also making traditional albums for my children's first 18 years. I also made a Storybook of each granddaughter's first year.

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yes! CM memory manager is the best!!

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I download them to the computer and let them play as a slideshow on it. If it's a favorite pic I will print it and frame it. I change the frame ones about every 6 months with other favorites.

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I scrapbook. So I create pages, and then make a photo book with the pages. We also print out favorite photos to frame and hang.

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I organize my digital photos in iPhoto, grouping them by month or special occasion (birthdays, vacations, etc). I try to make shutterfly photo books for our trips, and one big family "yearbook" with favorite photos throughout the year (so far ive only done one year, but hope to start a tradition!) The photo books make great grandparent gifts too. My 2 y/o daughter has been the "author" of several photo books -- I write a narrative from her point of view.

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I love these ideas. I upload mostly our daughters pictures since we r usually not in the pictures. I create a folder for her chronological age which right now is 51 months. My problem is I don't see to ever find time to create the album or narrated picture book that I want to do. I see the pictures when I am not using my laptop or if input a camera chip in our electronic digital album. The 1 album I have of her pictures is from when she was christened at 2 MONTHS. I have a ton of pictures printed out, have bought a bunch of picture frames and timeline books but still have not done them. HELP!

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I am a scrapbooker too! it takes effort but to see the joy in the kid's eyes when they see a page featuring them! and the things they do is priceless!

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We burn all digital pics onto cd's by the who took them, or the event, or who's folder it was in. Each person in our family has a folder with their name on it, and when we upload personal photo's we put them in our own folders so that when they are burned off onto cd's we can label them "moms pics" etc.
For traditional or printed out photo's, we've started using clear plastic binder pages used for holding recipe cards, or pages designed for trading cards that we use to hold wallet sized photos! We use clear plastic pages made to hold documents in a binder, to hold our 8x10 photo's that we no longer have in frames!
I found it such a shame that some of my favorite wallets and 8x10's were sitting in boxes because I couldnt figure out how to display them or how to show them, now we just go to Walmart and pic up these cool clear pages and a neat binder and put our pics into those and decorate the binder or pages! I have been able to successfully clear out the majority of the photo's in those old boxes!

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I love to scrapbook and have many books for each of my children and each of my grandchildren. I also have books of our ancestry for my husband's family and my own. I have digital scrapbooks on facebook and print out my favorites to frame or use in my scrapbooks. Other photos which I have printed are stored in photo boxes and organized by person and /or by special events.

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We have AT&T U-verse and I figured out that you can connect your TV to a Flickr account and then view a slideshow of all of your pictures on TV. It is fun to run the slideshow in the background when we have relatives over although it takes a lot of time to upload pics to flickr in the first place.

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I make pages for for the grandkids books, they are all the same size. That way I know they have copies of fun times we have shared together...and their sports events I am able to attend. I print a lot of pictures and give them away and also do two bulletin boards a year for the children's dept at church of all the activities we do there. For myself, Ikeep a simple running book and whenever the family is gathering present the new pages to kids and put out my ongoing book.


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