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How do you prepare your child for the arrival of a new sibling?

A lot changes with the arrival of a new family member, and this can often be hard for older siblings to handle. How can you prepare your children for the arrival of a new sibling?

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6  Answers

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My o.b. gave me a cool magazine that showed how the baby was developing each month and I would show it to my children and talk about what was developing at that time. I also let them help with getting things ready. I did have people that once baby was born paid extra attention to the other children and gave them gifts which helped them feel special and not left out. I also made sure in the hospital everyone got to see and hold the baby with help as needed. A lot of hospitals do a sibling class. When my last baby was born premature the parent support group did a class to teach the siblings about what was going on. They played with dolls in an isolette that were hooked up to all the things their sibling in the NICU were. They got to color pictures and drink apple juice out of the syringes they fed the babies with. They learned about these fragile preemies in a fun way and were prepared for how they would need to be around the baby once he came home. I just think talking a lot about it and including them in everything is helpful. When my son finally came home from the hospital, my 2 year old was so good with him. My pediatrician always commented on how she had never seen a toddler so loving with a baby before. We always tried to still give her love and attention and include her so she never had any reason to be jealous or resent him. If I had to nurse him I read to her at the same time or she watched a program sitting by us. She would hold his hand while he would nurse. I think when kids are pushed away then they resent siblings.

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My kids are 3 1/2 years apart. Once we received the info from the hospital (different city than older child) we saw tehy offered the Big Sib, Little Sib class. We chose a date about 6 weeks from due date and signed up. It was a 2 hour class on a Saturday morning for I think $15 (17 years ago so don't remember). They toured the hospital to see where mom and baby would be, and the lessons included: washing hands, asking to hold the baby and always sitting before holding the baby. After brother was born, I included her in the choosing of the clothes for him. I would pick 3 outfits and then she chose the final one from them. She would bring me diapers and wet wipes and toss the dirty into the trash. While he slept she and I would have her book and play kitchen time. She gave him a gift to welcome him.

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I'm currently pregnant with my 2 nd baby due nov and have a son who's just turned 2 we're doing lots of independent tasks with him now such as potty training and learning to sleep in his big boys bed were beginning to talk about the new baby but know its still really early for him to understand propley yet x

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You tell them about the new baby. Talk to them about how it is going to be like. you let them rub and listen to your belly of the new baby. Let them help you get ready for the new baby. let them help you pick out the clothes and toys to bring to the hospital. if you our comfortable, let them see the experience of the new baby be born. You would need to make sure dad or some else is there to help watch your kids while you our having the baby. let them touch and hold the new baby with your arms under neath yours. Let them help with the new baby. Like bring you diapers, clothes, wipes, ext... Let them help with you too.

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I did a talk on this very topic at my local ABA (or LLL in the USA). Heaps of Mums turned up! It was a point of great terror for me, I remember, wondering how I would cope!

Here is the online version of the worksheet I gave out:
Having Another Baby? Tips For Adding a New Baby to the Mix…

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When my second child was born, some people got my son a gift as well as the baby, which was a nice touch as he didn't feel so left out. Some of how you deal with it depends on the age gap as well, I had a small age gap (21 months) so there wasn't much jealously going on, and he now cannot remember his brother ever not being there.

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It's true the smaller the gap the less they realize later that they were ever "alone". We got the baby to "give a gift" to our eldest the first time they friends ever since! =)

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We let our boys be as involved as possible, going to ultrasounds, asking them what they think will be fun to do with the baby or to help with the baby, letting them chose something new for the baby (clothes or toys or something for the room). We also let them know that the baby will not take away any of the love we have for them, and that having a little guy will actually help us realize how big and grown up and smart they are. We also make sure to give the boys their own "being a baby" time, where we cuddle and tickle and just be close and either read or sing or talk or simply just be together. They are super pumped for the new baby and love to make the baby happy by touching my belly and feeling the baby kick their hands.


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