How Do You React to Kids Getting Minor Hurts?

In childhood, "booboos" are unavoidable. Some moms rush to their children's aid, making sure no small bump goes untended. Other moms encourage their children to pick themselves up and brush themselves off. What's your approach to the minor bumps and bruises?

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Since I am almost always around my children, I find it's easier to allow them the opportunity to realize if it is a serious injury or not. I always kiss them better no matter how bad the "boo boo" is. If it is minor, I encourage them to shake it off and continue their playing with modifications as needed to avoid more injuries! Needless to say, if it is more serious I am there to help and/or get more help as needed!

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I love my son & I care about if he gets hurt or not but if he isn't seriously hurt I don't make a big deal out of it. Thank goodness I did that he isn't a little wussy haha! He will fall & hurt himself instantly get up & go Uh-Oh! :) I always kiss his booboos tho :)

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I am the pick yourself up and brush it off type...but only if I know it is truly minor. It's important for kids to understand the difference between something uncomfortable that you can deal with and something truly serious. Kids with parents who rush in learn to be afraid, to overreact, and to count on others to help them cope. They don't learn that they are strong and can get through things on their own. They also tend to panic in stressful situations instead of feeling confident. I hope my kids can learn how strong and capable they are. But if it's a bad booboo I'm there in a flash!

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At home, my husband and I usually let our son pick himself up and let him come to us. He has adjusted to not getting too upset over small bumps anymore, but he does ask us to kiss every place that he hurt and suddenly he is better! One thing both sets of grandparents taught him is to punish the object that hurt him. He will tap the floor where he hit his head and say, "Don't you hurt Zander!". This seems to please him, though one day I hope to teach him he has to take responisbility for the accidents he causes! :)

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I tend to let her pick herself up and brush off, if it looked like it hurt I rush to her aid. That way I'm always near if its not just a simple booboo.

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Inside every lump and bump kills me. Outside I remain focused on the situation and make every lump and bump better with a kiss and/or bandaid.

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If minor, (I see no tears or blood, or screaming), then I say ut oh.. and watch for their reaction, if the pain kicks in and the screaming begins, I pick them up and rub the booboo, and care for them if needed.

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If it's a minor thing my 7 yr old will just get up and carry on where as my 5 yr old will have a drama and require a kiss better, Mr bump, magic cream and a cuddle. Guess it depends on your child!

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I love my son,but children are going to get hurt...they fall down,they bonk their heads,they get scratches and bruises but it's good for them to learn to walk it off.and going with this approach we have yet to have a major I think we're doing good :D


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