How do you rejoin a social group after an absence?

How do you comfortably rejoin a church, civic organization, or other social group after an extended absence? How do you reintroduce yourself, reorient yourself to social dynamics, and deal with awkward questions or comments as you're readjusting?

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This is a really good question cause I am currently not in contact with a lot of old friends etc., after changing my number and losing my phone. I think if anything make sure you are ready to rejoin and don't feel pressured into doing something you are not ready to do. Also if they are truly a group of people that are nice and you enjoy being with they should be welcoming no matter the reason or circumstances.

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No need to even give a reason. Just show up at something and more than likely if people are there who know you from before... they will welcome you back and invite you to stuff... if no one there from before... then hey just go and say you use to be a part of the group way back when and want to try it again>

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If you want to be there just focus on the people and activities you missed. It would be a chance to see who missed you back. People are so nosy these days and you don't have answer tough questions anyways.


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