How do you take care of 1 year old's teeth?

After babies have started teething, what are you supposed to do to take care of them?

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When my daughter started teething at 5 months, we first started with my of those very soft baby washcloths and wiped/rubbed her gums every night before bed. As she got more and more teeth, we switched over to one of those rubbery baby toothbrushes that fit over your pointer finger and used that with water. Once she had close to a full set of teeth, we started using a "training" toothbrush and training toothpaste (the kind without flouride).

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I tried to wash cloth and she would just bite down. So I tried the slip on finger kind and she would bite that too. I started to use the learner toothbrush and toothpaste with no flouride and she will do it herself but not very good. She wont the the scrubbing motions so I just let her chew on it for a little while and I try to take over. She seems to not like when I brush her two front top teeth and will put her lip down and tightly hold should I clean her front top teeth, any tips?

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We just used the glycerin toothpaste and a gum brush until she had enough teeth to justify a toddler toothbrush. Brush twice a day. It might not seem necessary, but it gets you in the habit which really helps the child to develop good oral hygiene.

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glycerine is NOT good - it coats the teeth completely discouraging remineralization - of course that will only happen if you are feeding the child properly - read our story here about stopping and healing the decay in our child's teeth! Healing Tooth Decay: Cod Liver Oil/Butter, Xylitol, Spry Gel & Tooth Powder

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Get a toddler toothbrush/toothpaste and just try to instill those practices of twice a day brushing and dentist visits into your youngster while they are young and their teeth are going to fall out anyways.
Also the Dr. may recommend fluoride treatments which is just a coating for the teeth to help protect from cavities, and is usually reapplied every 6 months.

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When Tommy was 16 months old, he started to speak in simple words and phrases like a 2-year-old, must be 2 to 3 years to start speaking in simple words and phrases that is a very good for toddlers to do.

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dental health is a matter of NOT EATING THE WRONG FOODS as much as eating the good things - bone broth, quality meats and seafood, etc.

We stopped our 1 year olds tooth decay in it's tracks but our immediate success was due to the whole package of changes we made in our diets.

You can read her story here

Healing Tooth Decay: Cod Liver Oil/Butter, Xylitol, Spry Gel & Tooth Powder

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routine pick a time or times to do it and keep up with it. it just becomes something they know its somthing they have to do everyday. make sure you get fun toothpaste i got a couple different charchters on the tooth paste and they get to choose which one to put on the tooth brush. Then mommy gets a turn first then they get to brush there teeth then they get a sticker for doing it.

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We bought Kailya a toothbrush when she cut her first ones and let her chew on it for awhile. After they were fully in we got some training toothpaste and actually started brushing them and then let her chew on it to get the flavor. She is 20 months old now and loves to have them brushed.

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We rubbed her gums with a wash cloth until she had her first four teeth (two on top, two on bottom). Then we started brushing just with water until she was about 15 months old. We added Tom's Natural toothpaste at that time.

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I do virtual tours for children's book authors and I just happen to have a debut author, Linda Valderrama, touring with me this month. She wrote a book called "Brush Barry Brush" and has been doing guest post on different blogs about this very subject. You can find her blog touring schedule here

Also, here are a couple of links about getting kids to brush and the importance of brushing by Linda Valderramam.

Babybindle – Guest Post: Tooth Decay

Why is Brushing Your Teeth Important

I'm also the daughter of a DDS and my dad was really big about getting me to brush my kids teeth as soon as they started getting them. The wipes are fine when you can't brush, but really a soft toddler or finger toothbrush are best. Kids and get cavities and tooth decay from the very first tooth coming in.

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My son, now 18months old, loves having his teeth brushed. When he started getting teeth at 4 month I bought that brush that goes on your finger and would just wipe it over his gums and I would sing our brushing song. Now he just loves it and we brush his teeth just as I do my own, while singing our song. I just tried to make it fun. He likes to hold onto the handle with me and "help". I only brush his teeth once a day though unless I think he NEEDS another brushing. I just don't want to give him that much toothpaste. He also drinks a lot of water which is really good for your teeth. When he is teething though it is hard to brush because it hurts him so we use the rubber gum cleaner that goes on your finger with a little toothpaste.

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Although my toddler has a full set of teeth now, I still like to use the baby tooth wipes on her because I find that they clean the teeth better than toothbrushes. My girl's very fidgety and it's easier to do a quick wipe than to brush her teeth. The wipes are also useful for cleaning her teeth on the go in the car, and I use them after she's had sweet and sticky stuff like chocolate.

I use the toothbrush at least once a day, especially after she's had food with bits that will stick to her teeth.


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