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How do you tell your toddler that you are expecting?

It's happened... you're pregnant again! How do you explain to a toddler that a new baby is on its way?

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I didn't find it that difficult. We just explained that God had put a baby in my tummy and it would grow there for awhile until it was ready to come out. We were excited about it, so naturally, they were too. When the baby would start moving, we'd allow them to feel it kick, and it got to where they were as eager for it to be born as we were, and ready to greet their new brother or sister.

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We would also explain to them that it made the baby uncomfortable for them to sit or jump on my tummy. If I was feeling extra tired, I explain to them that Mommy has to feed the baby in her tummy, and it makes Mommy very tired. If I was sick, I just tried to explain to them that it was nothing serious, but just that the baby wasn't making Mommy feel very good. I realized that it can cause a child to almost panic if they see me sick and don't understand why. Once in the middle throwing up, my daughter (4) got really worried, and said, "Please don't die, Mama. Please don't die." That was when I realized that she needed to know that feeling sick is normal at first, and nothing serious. Not being able to hold them as much was the hardest part for me, because often my children were very young when I got pregnant, but it would make me feel more sick or uncomfortable when they would put pressure on my tummy. But I tried to sit, and hold them beside me, where they could lean on my shoulder with my arms around them, without leaning too hard on my stomach. I also tried to encourage their daddy to pick up the slack and hold them more, which didn't always work, but it helped.

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well I don't think we should tell our toddlers as soon as we know about the pregnancy, we should wait till it appears, I had a bad experience when I told my two years daughter that there's a baby in my tummy, bec when the baby died after 2months& we had to tell her that too, she cried her heart out, it was so heartbreaking for both of us. I never expected that she would react this way.

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My son is 2 years 3 months and wants to play hard with mommy, but mommy can't and he didn't understand. Being in the terrible two's he has tantrums, BOY does he have tantrums! Kicking, screaming, you name it. I just told him that he can't kick mommy, because she has a baby in her tummy. He stopped and looked up at me in awe. Any time he gets physical, I remind him of the baby and he's great. I asked what he would like, a baby brother or sister and his answer is always the same...a baby sister. i am not even sure he understands what that is! lol
He comes over and pates my tummy, hugs it, or kisses it and will say, "I kiss baby" or "nite baby".
When we were going out for dinner and meeting up with family, he said, "We go to dinner? With grandma T, auntie Marge, grandma, mommy, baby and Dante"
He gets the fact that there's a baby, he understands that it's a person and includes the baby in plans, and he is loving towards my baby bump.
He's going to be an incredible big brother!

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My oldest son was a bit older than a toddler when I had my second child, but I just told him that he was going to be getting a new sibling in a few months, and that the baby was in my tummy so he had to be very careful not to jump on me or to do things that would hurt the baby. My son was actually sitting on my lap the first time the baby kicked, and he was a little startled, but I just told him that it was the baby's way of telling him he was excited to meet him.

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Well... my son was only 5 months old when I got pregnant with my second child. He is now 13 months old and the new baby is due in a few weeks. He knows that there is a baby on the way (kinda :) He likes to pull up my shirt or point to my tummy when I ask him where his baby is. :) its kinda cute :)

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My middle son was only 10 months old when we found out we were pregnant again.
We just told him that we were having another baby and told him the baby was growing in my belly. Then, when he was born we brought both my older boys in and my middle son was 19 months at the time just kind of looked at him a lot. lol. He would give him kisses and hugs. That was pretty much it.
They get used to it.

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we just told our almost 2 year old that there is a baby in mommy's tummy. she loves babies and is playing with baby dolls all the time, so she was really excited. she loves giving kisses and hugs to the baby in the tummy. now that the belly is getting really big she is talking more about it and she really loves hugging the belly and feeling when the baby moves. it's really fun.

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Luckily for us, there are a lot of families at our son's preschool and some of our playgroup friends who have had other babies, and we were able to say, "Remember how so-and-so's mommy's belly got really big and then they had a baby brother/sister?" And he got the concept. We also have a few books that talk about becoming an older sibling and having a baby around the house. Though, he is 4, and if he were younger I can imagine it would be hard to explain. I think as long as they are familiar with what a baby is, and you can get across that they baby will become part of the family and will stay, the rest will come with time.

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It wasn't hard I told her the day I found out and just keep talking about it more with her. She seems to understand it more and more when she sees my tummy get better. I just said said mom and dad are having a baby and you get to be a big sister and your going to be the best big sister in world!

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I am a mom of an almost-3-year-old, and recently had a miscarriage. I am now pregnant again. Last time, we told her within a few days of finding out, and she was SO excited. She would talk to my belly, and rub it and all that. Well, when it went downhill, she was a little upset, but eventually forgot it. This time, we haven't really told her. I was playing with her, called her a chunky belly, and she came back with "baby belly." I was like, um, ok... That came from nowhere. I told my husband what she said, and he said a little bit, but didn't really tell her, tell her, if you know what I mean. If your child is a little older, then I would wait until the ultrasound and let them be there. For us, she went to the first ultrasound (which I had already started to have problems, and we knew what was happening, but we hoped we were wrong, all the same), and we tried to hold it together in the DR office, so she wouldn't get upset. But if you think you and baby are healthy, take him/her along for the ultrasound, and go from there. For younger kids, still waiting until you go for ultrasound (just to have a little more insight to your childs possible reactions), do tell them, just keep it simple. Let them help with little things that could make them feel like they've done something good. Let them be involved, but don't overload a smaller kiddo.

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And btw, yes, this is my husband's account that I have posted this with LoL I deleted my FB, so, you get the drift :)

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i would wait as long as possible, when my belly was big. toddlers dont have much sense for time and 9 months is a very long time for a toddler to comprehend. once the baby started kicking in a big belly, is a good time to explain to a toddler what's going on. that would give them a few months to prepare and you dont have to answer "when?" a thousand times.

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When I was pregnant with my 3rd I showed my 4.5 yr old the 3D videos on (or .com) that showed the growth of the baby at different stages (she wanted to see thought and asked about what was happening like this week the baby is growing fingers etc). My 2 yr old watched when she wanted to but didn't really get that it was something real and I didn't push it.
When I was showing and they could see that I had something in my tummy I told them that it was the baby and encouraged them to say hi and feel the kicks. The 4.5 yr old loved it the 2 yr old thought it was neat to see but wasn't sure about touching at first. Simply cause she didn't understand what was going on. Eventually they would say good night and say they have to give the baby a hug too at bed time (so hug my tummy). In the last 2 months we just talked and acted as if the baby was already apart of the family and that soon Mommy would go to the hospital where the dr helps bring the baby out of Mommy and then we would come home. I think they took it like a dr appointment for them but this one was for the baby.
When I came home they were excited to meet him and find out who it was that joined the family but he just fit right in like he was already here.
All in all I think keep it slow and easy wording. Reading stories and pointing out babies in movies like 101 dalmations, dumbo or Lady and the Tramp (cause the human has a baby too). All makes it visible and something that happends all the time. Another idea is that I had them help in the decorating of the baby's room and getting things ready.
My favorite was getting a gift for the baby with my toddler so she had something when he came home but I also got a present for my toddler so when the baby came home he said thanks for letting me be your brother and here's a gift.

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My Youngest daughter told her small child that she was going to have another baby ,so go and check what sex your unborn is going to be .then you can say to the child that he or she is going to have a baby sister or brother .As the months go by show Pictures of a unborn baby from a book tell your child that your baby is in your Tummy .My little granddaughter kept telling every body that she was going to have a baby sister and that it was inside her mummy s tummy .let your child feel your tummy when the baby starts to move about . I live in West Yorkshire England UK

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My daughter was about 17 months when we found out. We started just by talking about babies in general. She would search the house trying to figure out where and what this baby was. She would point to a toy or the cat and ask "Baby?"

She's 20 months now and knows that she's having a baby brother and that he's inside me. I'm on bedrest as well so I have to explain that too. She's learning to be gentle with mama and to bring toys to me to play with me (instead of taking me to the toys).

My sister just had a baby so I've been showing her the pictures. My SIL is still pregnant so I've been talking about how her cousin will be a big sister too. She's been to the ultrasounds and seen him as well.

I've been telling her that big sister's get a big girl bed (she's still in a crib, that we will get getting rid of), they also get extra cuddles, kisses, hugs, and they get to be big helpers (which she already is).

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I agree with Diane the book "There's a House Inside My Mummy" is really good for explaining to little ones. My daughter's 16 months old and I'm 30 weeks + 2 pregnant with a baby boy. We just explained to her that Mummy's got a baby in her tummy and one day he'll be with us when he's ready. She's been really good and when my partner rubs my tummy or speaks to baby we get our daughter to join in so she can feel baby moving and feel like she's doing good because she's doing what Daddy's doing. I think you just need to let them feel baby. I showed my little one the scan photo and then told her it's inside Mummy. They kinda just accept it!

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My daughter was 2 when I was expecting her baby brother and we read repeatedly a great book called "There's a House Inside My Mummy" (ISBN 978-1841210681). She loved it and it helped her to understand a bit of what is going on during pregnancy. What happens later is not too hard but trying to understand why they have to wait so long for their new baby brother or sister to arrive can be really quite hard for a toddler to grasp and this tries to explain it in their language and with rhyme which makes it very accessible for quite young toddlers too!

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Great Post! I have been looking for a great book to read to my 2yr old daughter. We are expecting a baby boy in October!

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I would just tell your little one, that there is a baby in your tummy. When they ask how, just say god wanted you to have a sib. There are books at the book store for children also. They get it. Its cute when they point at the belly and say baby in mama tummy.

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That can be fun yet challenging too. I just keep pointing to my now huge tummy and tell my 1year and 8months old son, baby. He then comes and pecks my tummy and hugs it. He will probably know later that it was baby growing inside but right now, am not sure he comprehends it. He doesnt know its delicate so he cam hug so hard or want to seat on my tummy, cant play much with him now and so I dont know what his little mind thinks, thats if he thinks anything particular about this. otherwise, no standard way my friends, just do it your simple way, talk, demonstrate etc

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I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant with two baby girls. I have an 18 month old and an 8 year old. We told our oldest almost right away (with both pregnancies). I had gotten her a maternity book that had loads of pictures and diagrams to help explain the size of the baby and how it develops. We even discussed how a baby is miscarried, just in case. But our toddler doesn't show signs of understanding and we haven't stressed the point. If she starts to act rambunctious on and around my belly, we tell her to be careful of the baby. I have to be careful when she's 'feeling' for the babies and talking to them with her older sister, she hits them back when they kick her! It's cute, but we don't encourage her. But we have been showing her videos and pictures of babies in the womb. She has taken to being mommy to her doll recently. We've been taking it slow, like baby steps, to help her understand she will no longer be our baby. We have also been taking her to more play groups to expose her to other babies and toddlers.

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