How do you treat diaper rash?

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not sure of the spelling but boudreaux butt paste is pretty good.

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I always let my kids air out when ever I can. My little one loves to lay out on a towel in the buff for 5-10 min. She hardley ever gets diaper rash. I also use a little bordeaux's at night, just for a little extra.

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Renew - It really works I have used on my kids for awhile you can also get a bath wash that really helps - amazing results within 24 hours - nothing worse then nappy rash for the poor little things must be painful so I was very glad to come across it - email if you need to know more - happy to help regards sally - email (mum of five) so i have tried almost everything over the years and this one really works

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My go-to rash preventative/treatment was 100% PURE cornstarch. Not baby powder, it has chemicals and perfumes that tend to irritate the already irritated bum. However, there are some baby powders that are without now, but buying just the cornstarch in the baking section is cheaper I believe.

I also let my lil ones go bare-bummed for awhile too, they enjoyed it and kept the diaper from chaffing!!!

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First of all I soak my little on in a a bath of warm water and bicarbinate of soda which is great for cystitus to, then I use METANIUM nappy rash ointment (used in hospital to)
Its great because it acts both as a barier and treats the rash/burn aswell.

Then I found this brilliant cleared quickly, I also allow her to have nappy free time, which she loves

Only downside is its this brilliant stuff is it has a yellow tint to it which can mark clothes

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whenever my boys have ever had a diaper rash i've used a home remedy my mom said her mom told her about. i take about a cup of flour and fry it in a dry cast iron skillet until it has the same color as cinnamin. i sprinkled a little on after every diaper change and it not only got rid of diaper rash but prevented it from coming back for a long time. (you have to fry it slow or it will burn and stink up your entire house)

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Dry skin is very important as well as keeping the skin clean. The minute I supect a poop I remove the nappy, clean skin with warm water and cotton wool (no soaps) then dry with a soft cloth. If the skin is very tender, I always leave my LO without a nappy on for atleast 30min-1hr at a time.
When I am ready to put a nappy on again, I will gently cleanse once more, dry super well and then use Milking Cream (udder cream for cows) and metanium for night time.

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The best way to treat diaper rash is not to get it in the first place. I have been a mom for 18 years now and have never had even one instance of diaper rash. Here is what I have always done:

(1) Change diapers at every pee or poop. Yes, it costs more to do this but I am unwilling to allow my family to pay the price for my cheapness with pain.
(2) Let babies and toddlers sleep bare-assed for naps while lying with the little butt on a soft cloth diaper with a pad underneath. This airs the area out and helps it to stay dry.
(3) Use gentle aloe-based baby wipes at each diaper change then dry with a cloth, spread on some Desitin creamy, and a light dusting of baby powder.

Again, it works. I have 18 years of proof! Prevention is better than having to cure.

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We were told to use Daktarin or Canneston cream by the hospital when our daughter had a really bad diaper rash, it worked brilliantly and was totally cleared up in a couple of days. On mild diaper rash, Morhulin does the trick for us..

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johnsons baby powder is the best thing for nappy rash you will see a big improvement within a day

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