How do you unpack with the kids around?

Whether you've just returned from a long trip or have just brought back several bags of groceries, getting home and having some things to unpack can be challenging with little ones around, needing your attention. What are some tips you can give moms who need to get some things unpacked, pronto?

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I have my kids help with the process. I will put their things in a basket to be taken to whatever room it needs to go to, or they can put their toothbrushes away, etc. Start 'em early! :o)

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My daughter puts the cans away in a lower cabinet. She also takes all the boxes of cereal over to the pantry for Mommy or Daddy to put away.

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Yep, enlist the kids as free labor! :o) I usually take the boy grocery shopping with me and he even helps bring the bags in from the car. I just make sure to give him the light stuff like produce or breads. He also enjoys putting cans in the cabinet and opening and closing the fridge for me.

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depending on the age give them a task to help you with, put them in a high chair with a snack or toy, my 13 month old wants to be in the middle of it but can't really help so i bring some of her favorite toys into the kitchen and let her play while i put groceries up, she's in her throw stuff away stage so i give her bags to throw away while i'm watching her really closely and she loves it and thinks she's helping she will throw it way and smile and clap and say yay! I also sing songs with her to keep her occupied and happy.

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two words------ baby gate

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i give my 2yr old son a small bag like of bread to help bring in and when we put the food away or what not i give him little things at his level to put away like juice boxes in the fridge ( i dont make a big deal about where he puts it as long as he puts it in the fridge u can always move it later) he loves helping and it makes him happy and me happy. also if you start early when there older they will be more willing to help you.

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Depending on there age ask them if they want to help. If u keep canned goods in low cabinets then let them know that they go in there and let them put them in there while you are putting things in higher cabinets. You can also have them unpack the bags on the floor and if there is no glass you can have them give you the items and at the same time they are learning what each item is. Same with cold items. You can have them put them away as well.

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I agree with Lynn; as long as they're reasonably mobile, even the littlest kids can (and usually love to) help! It doesn't have to be with much, but if you start out with storing things where they can reach they will always be happy to show what big boys and girls they are by putting away -- or, conversely, pulling out when you need something.

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When my guy was really little(6 months- 20 months) I would put him in his highchair with a special snack while I unloaded groceries. He usually was happy to sit there and eat while watching me.

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great idea. i accidently hit - instead of + anyone know how to change it?

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Unpacking from a trip - don't really do it all at once. I have an extra of all toiletries(toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc) that stay packed in the "toiletry bag". Also, before we leave for a trip, I lay out PJs and the next days' clothes for when we return home. The suitcase goes right down to the laundry and I usually do the load of wash the day after we return from a trip. As far as groceries, I bag the groceries by where they go (freezer foods together, refrigerator foods together, etc). Then as soon as I get home, spend the 5 minutes to put away perishables and put the rest away when kids are napping or otherwise occupied.

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