How to handle a cranky, teething, 8 month old baby?

Babies can be very uncomfortable and cranky while they are teething. How can parents handle babies that are teething and what are some tips to help them feel better?

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My baby doesn't like the teether with liquid which you refrigerate, but he loves the silicon ones with brush like tips - those he can bite and chew, and seem to Be very soothing.

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It depends with what is going on i.e are they
1. feverish - you need medicine to bring the temperature to a good cool
2. Itchy gums - buy gels to remove the uncomfortability or teethers
3. loss of appetite -
4. loose stool -

maybe the doctors can tell us about the last two and correct the other two.

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About the loss of appetite, besides talking to a pediatrician, I offer food and beverage more often than usual, like fruit, yogurt, crackers, juices and water - little by little my baby takes what he needs - though we mothers always think they haven't had enough! ;-)

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Thats true about thinking that they have not had enough

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I Purchased teething toys which helps baby's intense urge to chew. I gave her frozen bananas to sooth gum pain.

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There are many possible remedies which you may use to handle your babies teething. You can either put an ice on the swollen gums, to help relieve the pain. They may fuss a little, but in a way, it could help relieve the pain. Some pediatrician also advice on giving something for the gums to help ease the pain, consult your pediatrician for some advice -

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I purchased an amber necklace that has helped some, and all he's needed is a lil but of infant motrin to deal with the pain/inflammation of this gums once or twice a day, and he's been pretty good!


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