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How to handle SAHM boredom

Not that any of us don't love spending all day with our children, but sometimes a child's necessary routine can get a little... monotonous. How do you ensure that you don't get bored while taking care of your child at home?

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Boredom may not be the correct word. Running around satisfying our children needs leaves no room for boredom. However, we do need a breather from all the chaos. I prefer the word "me time". We all do need time for ourselves. Either alone or with others. My 'me time" are name a few - reading, baking, sketching, art stuff, window shopping, ice-cream treat, call a friend, update facebook or just watch downloaded movies. Best of all, undistubed nap.
Appreciate the chaos while you are still needed. Now that my 6 children are grown up and independant, less chaos, leaves many gaps during the day. I go back to school. Take up courses that I have been longing to attend. Keep my mind occupied and have different topics to talk about to my children and significant others.
Grow out of boredom.

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i am a SAHM of an 18 month never bored! the trick is to get involved in all your community groups...both kid based and ones that suit your hobbies and intrests. i aim to have one activity everyday that i do wheter it be kid based or not. I go to play group, mothers group, my son goes to occasional care which gives me time to sleep in, chill out, whatever i want to do, i go to my local photography club, we do swimming lessons. search the internet and see what is in your area, pick up a hobby and make time for yourself, thats where early bed time works a charm, start a garden with your little ones...find something to work towards for yourself that is no kid related, study, join a class or book club, any other club that takes your interest get a baby sitter to sit while you go on date night with your partner/ a date/ friends...and yes i do find it monotonous some days you just have to find ways to mix it up!

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Mmmmhmmm I homeschooling 4 kids ages 12,8,6 and 3 there's no time to get bored lol During the summer months yeah I did have some bored days, but now with home school , making lesson plans,teaching my children and planning field trips. I'm far far from bored:-) But I would have to say it depends on the age of your children , go for walks,park,zoo,or matinee movie.:-)

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When I were a SAHM , hardly get time to get bore had to run after kids , cooking , cleaning , playing games and lots more were on my cards as my daily schedule. And love doing so , but know I manage to eke out some time and work at home , and this helped me a lot to build up my self confidence. So I would like to suggest , that you too can work at home and these are the best way of earning money and fulfilling all the family responsibility at the same time.

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I'm guessing all of these lovely ideas come with a husband who will actually give the wife an occasional moment's break from Mommying or at least share some adult conversation.... and we homeschool, so Mommy groups are not an option.

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Being a SAHM be fantastic but it can also be a real challenge. I've quite recently set up an information website for mums who are making decisions about what to do after their maternity leave - stay at home, go back to work, set up their own business. I've got an entire section dedicated to being a Stay at Home Mum. Take a look - I hope you find it useful and interesting.

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I think calling it boring is absolutely ok. I've stayed home with my kids since they were born. Now my oldest is 13 and my youngest is 9. Doing chores, picking up and playing monotonous little games is frankly BORING! There is no use of your mind what so ever. Don't get me wrong. I would not have traded one second of my time home with my kids. I can tell you my mom's group was my saving grace. Getting together with another group of mom's at least once a week while our kids played helped me be a better mom. I was able to talk through all the things I thought I was doing wrong. And I was able to hear from other mom's that I wasn't losing my mind. ha My friends also had great ideas on different things to do during the week.

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I'm a stay @ hm mom and I am getting in this depression....I don't ever hv me time and don't ever leavemy do I get out of this??

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Search your area for moms grouops they really are all over the country and spend time with family too outside your home. Or take the baby for a walk and get your endorphins flowing.

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Facebook is a really good place to find a playgroup!

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Boredom? I saw that and thought this post was hilarious. I think Liz is more on the right track. Sometimes it's just the monotony that gets you down. My mom always told me the kids are grown and gone before you know it, so I just try to embrace the chaos and when time permits sneak in some time with my other mommy friends, because they get it!

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I try to find a bit of time for reading each day... something that I love to do and if I can have one phone call or answer an email... it gives me the adult interaction I really need. Especially since I am an old Mom doing this the second time round!

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I cannot remember ever being bored as I was too busy catching up on various chores - tidying the house, baking, laundry etc - some knitting, playing with the children - but that was a long time ago and I don`t regret any of it as they grow so quickly and time passes and you miss out on so much but once they are at school then one is inclined to have more time to do the things you feel you missed out on when having to just stay at home. Take walks with the children - they enjoy running around and you also benefit from that and meet people in a similar situation and have a lot of interaction and maybe great friendships develop. I wish you all the best and hope and pray that you will soon find yourself fulfilled in a wonderful way and never feel that it is monotonous and becomes boring. I have been there and we have to make our own decisions to stay positive and we are so fortunate these days to be able to have email and interact with others in this way. God bless you. Joan

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