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How important is it to have both parents?

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6  Answers

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Id say in some cases It depends on the parents, like if one parent is not having a good impact on the child it might make it worse for the child. I think it also depends on how the childs personality is, like som children are in more need for having both parents. Overall I think it is important, and you should always think of the childs need first.

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Depends on the parents. You can have both parents be negligent. You can have one parent that is totally present. In general two is better than one, but I feel there are exceptions to the rule.

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Very important.
There are times when one (or sometimes both) parents is a destructive influence, but when both parents are ordinary hard working loving people, having both parents is much better than one.
Below is a link to a report on studies, before that, did you know that most of the people in prison did not have their father around when growing up? That shows the failure is much more likely when one is missing.

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I feel like it is very very important. My evil step mom from the wicked west lol ruined my relationship with my dad. He has since passed but I was able to have somewhat of a relationship with him before he died. 😄

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I personally think it is very important to have both parents, i mean i know single mothers have done it on their on but i still feel like children still need that father figure in their life at times. It is only so much a mother can do.

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I think it depends on who the parents are. If they're not drug addicts, murderers, violent abusers, etc., then having both around is best. It's more important to have someone around who will love the child and raise him or her in a safe (as possible) environment that nurtures and supports. I know, it sounds like the text book answer, but it's what most parents want for their child.


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