How to keep a teen in school?

Depending on the location, many teens are not required by law to stay enrolled in school. But every mom wishes for her child's success. How can you help your teen see the value of a good education?

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We struggled with our son, as did Dian, in much the same ways. I finally dropped him from his neighborhood high school and took him to a drop-out recovery program at another high school, closer to where I taught (right, I was a teacher). My son was very intelligent in many ways, but he just would not/could not conform to the public school mold. He graduated with his class (the neighborhood high school) only because of the different kind of instruction (self-paced, computer-based). He went on to graduate from a technical college and found employment that paid equal to a starting teacher's pay.

If you are struggling to keep your teen in school, please never lose sight of the fact that this person was once the infant, the toddler, the pre-schooler who was so cute and so precious. Continue to love your teen and cherish every day you have with your child.

Leukemia took my son seven months ago. Before he died, he apologized to me for all the trouble he had caused me when he was younger. I would relive every minute of those troubles if I could just hug him again.

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So, so, so sorry for your loss. I simply can't imagine. I'll be hugging my boys today. Thank you for the reminder. Hugs to you.

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I once thought that my 25 year old would never finish high school but he did and went off to college and found an amazing career he also opened up a business with a few friends, The high school years were very tuff on me. the screaming in the morning and yelling at night the skipping of school and be suspended several times. I knew that in my heart he was an amazing child and would one day find it on his own and finish school. The day his little sister graduated pre-school he was graduating high school some times it just takes a little longer than most, I am so proud of him :)

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We need to remember that our teens are still our children and they do as we say (with explaination and communication). Teens need encouragment, they need support, and they also should be involved in school or community activities. There is a saying, "An idle mind s the devil's play yard." We need to be honest with them and tell them that most people struggle in life when they don't have an education. It's not a theory of mind but it's proven time and time again. Also, in order for them to suceed they need emotional balance which means if they are angry this could also be a factor of them dropping out. So be committed and lets not give up on or teens.

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I understand what you are saying Aerica and it makes complete sense. However, when you have a 13 year old failing all of his classes because he simply does not care to do the work in the class, what do you do? Because I have tried everything I can think of but I can't make him care about himself or his education. I have gone so far as to sit next to him in school all day, taken away his access to a social life, etc. and nothing seems to phase him. He also has ADD and is in the 5% of children who do not respond to ADD medication. I am so frustrated and at the end of my rope, I don't know what to do and I am afraid that as soon as he figures out he can drop out of school at age 16, he will.

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I currently live in Japan, and have been here for nearly 30 years. High school is not compulsory in Japan. Most teens who do not pass the high school entrance exams take night school courses to earn the equivalent to a GED. Many more work at either part time or full time jobs. Some go into a vocational school or apprenticeship. Some prefectures (like a state) have programs for specialized careers.

Some kids prefer to get their education from the school of hard knocks. That might mean that the kids digs ditches or makes burgers for a while. There's nothing wrong with that. Some kids don't learn well in school, but do better on their own. As parents, we should try to learn how our child learns best and encourage learning in that way. Unless the kid wants to learn about science and architecture through arson, things should be fine. ☺

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i would realy love too see my 16 year old son finish i high school i fell it is very important

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A crummy part time job can scare them into school submission.. seems like teenagers always learn best from a reality check..

But if they are not into school activities or into college and what that has to offer, then they may not be the college type...and then school attendance should become a requirement for a fun life outside of keep them out of trouble until they are an adult..

Good grades, and or some shown effort, equals after school activities and friends over, etc.. etc..

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I've read all the responses so far... and can sympathize. My son does not have ADD however. I've done the "college is not an option" thing... it's expected... since all my kids were little. Like another mom here, I've taken the x-box with no improvement; he has no social life to take away. At some point, it truly is THEIR decision, and it seems/feels there's nothing I can do about it. Anyone got any advice that's worked in a situation more like mine? I'm tired of feeling helpless.

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You start when they are 3, making school the utmost of importance. If you believe it, they will. I told my kids all along that college wasn't an option, it was going to be required of them. They don't even think it's a possibility to not finish High School. That's a foreign concept to them. If someone else drops out, they assume there's either something deathly ill about the, they come from a terrible family or a mental illness is involved or drugs. I have one in college, who loves it. I have two in High School, who love it. They're all boys. No drinking, no drugs. They're just really level headed guys. One way to help them stay in school is to help them get involved with their school. If they're part of the bigger picture (debate, theater, band, cheer-leading, clubs) they tend to feel like they're needed and that is VITAL to their staying put. Share your experiences (mostly the good parts) and what you miss about High School. Relating to their pain, frustration and the demands of the work will also keep you tied to the situation. If they believe you care and will be there for them, they'll stick with it. Good luck, all.

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