How long do you wait until you take your kids to the doctor to look at a rash?

Rashes are frequently harmless and might go away by themselves. When is it a concern enough to bring your child to the doctor?

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I would say that if a rash has just appeared you can try calamine lotion or an ointment that is specifically for a rash. If no improvement within a certain period of time - hours or 1 day - I would not hesitate to consult the family doctor as it could be measles or chicken pox - it may be itchy - it may turn out to be nothing serious - but at least you have done the best thing you can do for your child.
I never hesitated when my children were very young - at least it put my mind at rest. I hope it is not anything serious and your child is already much better. God bless you. Joan

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as long as there is no fever or itching, i just treat it at home with allergy cream or benadryl. If it's still there after 3-4 days or gets worse then i take them in

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Few days..but depends on if you have seen it daughter had a re-occuring one but I just put cream on it, (cortizone) during the day and gave her a bath in baking soda at night....usually cleared up in 1 day or so..but she did have hives which I had to take her in for.. all red all over and within that was a right away visit..

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I treat it at home with a hydrocortizone ointment, aveeno,or benadryl. The only time for concern is if it is feverish , the child is sick at the time,it is red and raised bumps that are itchy then keep an eye on it. But with a feverish rash or a sick child the doctor is a definate.

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When my son gets a rash I usually know why it came about. If you have never known your child to be prone to rashes and one just pops up that isn't going away, then take your child to the doctors. I try everything in my arsenal first and if it's not clearing up or getting worse then I have cause for concern. Thankfully this has never gotten to that point so I have always been able to fix it on my own with an oatmeal bath, witch hazel and plenty of itch cream. I'm a mom who gets rashes so i can kind of tell when it's not right and needs to be looked at.

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My kids have allergies to numerous things. I usually treat it at home as well, just like Kay said. I keep the Hydrocortisone ointment (not cream) at home, because it is fast acting and very effective. If it's still there and/or is itchy for the next 1 hour, I give them Benadryl. The only reason I would CALL the doctor, don't take them in is if the rash is spreading and the child has fever or the area is starting to show signs of swelling. My pediatrician has the service to call and one of them will call back with the answer and tell us how to treat it at home without running to the ER or if it's needed to be checked immediately. I hope your child(ren) are okay and is nothing too serious.
In cases of eating solid food, I have also kept a log of their food eaten during the day so I can go back and refer to anything that could've caused it.

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Unless it is a diaper rash. I would take my kids right away. But to their dr not the er. I have 4 kids 9,6,6, and 4. And they never had anything other then a diaper rash. So just make sure it's really nothing.


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