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How long should a baby sleep?

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The number of hours a child should sleep depends on the child's age. Small children and toddlers are supposed to get at least 12-14 hrs of sleep. They are growing and this is a crucial time for them. Human growth hormone is secreted during sleep and it means everything when it comes to a child's behavior.

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A newborn to 1-year-old may sleep about 14-15 hours per day while a 1- to 3-year-old may sleep about 12-14 hours.
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my three and a half months infant has some coughs and whitish on palate.please help

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i feel obligated to write something. I am a first time mom with an now 9 month old. Depending on your babies age. Mine slept about 3 hours in between feedings in the begnning and started lessening as time went on. ABout 6 months old I started naps. It was all about figuring out your child. Mine, gets up at 7:30am, eats about 9am (cereal & bottle), nap about 10:30 (depending on crankyness) up at 11-11:30, eat again at 1pm (if i she can wait that long, occupying her will get you there) babyfood & bottle, nap again at 3pm till about 4pm, eat around 4:30pm babyfood and bottle, then eat again just a bottle at 7:30pm, bath after that, then final feeding at 10pm, she usually will wake up at 5am, i put a bottle in her mouth which allows her to sleep again until 7:30am and it all starts again. This is just my child. She will not go more than 3 hours without eating. Also if you are trying to hold them off try "mum mums or puffs" depending on age. If you are off schedule try giving them 2 ounces of a bottle (that will last payton an hour). Havnt made it past that ladies. Oh If you arnt on solids yet, and baby is only eating a small amount and wanting to eat more often, try different formula and/or different style bottles. I went from the "Vent Aire" playtex to the Bag bottles, way less gas for my little one which allowed her to eat more. Let me know if this helps.

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I would like to know this myelf.My 6weeks old child only sleeps for 3hrs at a time.


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