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How long was your recovery after giving birth?

If you delivered vaginally, how long did it take for everything feel back to normal after giving birth? Do you have any tricks that made the recovery easier?

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6  Answers

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oh man, like 6 months maybe 7 till i was feeling completely myself again. this could have been because i was nursing, but id feel random pains in the stomach all the way up to 6-7 months and they always said its just because you had a baby. i was sore real bad for a few weeks maybe 3, and a little sore for up to 7 weeks. hair loss is still going on and I'm 18 months postpartum..
but really you change forever.

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Wih my 1st child the recovery was FAST!! I was back doing yard work and everything within a week. I bled for over 2 months but had no pain or even soreness after the first week. She was a small baby though, only weighed in at 5lbs 12oz. My 2nd child was HUGE!!!! She weighed in at 9lbs 3oz. I tore both times, but the 2nd was awful!! I couldn't actually sit on a chair without a doughnut for 6 weeks. The pain was terrible and the swelling took forever to go down! I bled for 3 months straight. I also had a slight case of post-partum depression with the 2nd so that may have hindered the healing process. Both babies were breastfed till their 1st b-days but I still have 7lbs left to lose! I guess if I hadn't breastfed it would probably be more! LOL!!

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With my first, I had 3/4 stiches and was sore for about a week. Not bad but just like you worked out too hard it took me a year to feel back to myself. With my 2nd pregnancy ( twins) I had 1 stitch and besides those annoying uterine contractions while breastfeeding I felt pretty darn good a quick recovery for popping out 2 kids. I was running 9/10 miles before pregnancy and continued running into my pregnancy and am back to myself after 2 months. I went back to running 5 weeks post partum and that helped get things back too. Good luck!

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I didn't need stitches, just a little natural tearing. Left me pretty sore, and some burning when urinating. Tucks witch hazel pads really helped, you'll be sore. Keep a bottle of either cold or hot water to help with urinating, a bottle that squirts when compressed. I bled for quite a bit, was sore for a while too. I want to say about 6 weeks, take it slow, nice walks. Listen to your body.

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With my first child, the recovery went by very quick. I remember feeling energized to do practically everything, but still limited myself so I didn't over-exert my emotions or strength. I felt like my pre-pregnancy state about 5-7 weeks after my first child was born. My second child was born in early March of 2012 and the recovery is going quickly too. Though I don't remember how long it took for me to stop bleeding - the healing the placenta site - I know that this time, it has become very faint after 2 weeks. With my first child I attempted to breastfeed, as with my second, but I ended up having what my OB called Milk Fever. I experienced engorgement very badly. The room temperture was set around 70, but I was shivering - freezing more like it - and shaking so badly that I was uncontrollable for about an hours when it hit its peak. With my second child, I have no experience any of that. I did have some engorgement but only mininal pain was felt. My bra has been on constatly for the last 2 weeks. I can't wait to remove it to let the girls hang out and air dry a bit.

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I gave birth to my son one month after my Mother died of cancer. I got my strength from deep inside of me. I developed a work out of exercises that I did in the evening, my husband worked evening shift at a prison. I had no help with the baby...I had three sons and I had no help...I just raised them and loved being a Mom. You can get back in shape by taking care of your kids..take walks in the stroller and enjoy the outdoors. After they are bathed and in bed do exercises to get yourself back...but be true to you and do it for you!


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