How many teeth does your baby need in order to eat solid food? What kind of solid food do you give?

Once a baby has enough teeth, you should be able to start giving them solid food. How many teeth is enough to start your baby on solids? What kind of solids do you start with?

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Teeth??? who needs teeth, lol?? my baby is 7 mo old and just now getting his first 2 bottom teeth, 1 has broken the gums and is coming in the other hasnt broken the gums yet. He chows down on the biter biscuits and eats them in bites like we would a cookie. He eats the toddler puff things, bananas, popsicles, melon wedges, spaghetti, and a few other foods. He uses his gums and "chews" like he sees us chewing. I agree with the other posts, it all depends on the baby, if their ready or not. Just make sure the solids are either soft and easily mashed in the mouth or dissolve quickly to reduce the risk of choking and be there to supervise of course. :)

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They don't need any teeth.

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I don't think they need anything if they're otherwise ready for it. They pretty much gum their food.

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My 9 month old has 2 bottom teeth got them at 6 months and since he was 7 months he eats almost everything including cherios, bread, some meats, vegies etc. If they are ready for food they will be able to eat my bub uses his gums to bite cheerios. He is now only just getting 3 more teeth. Start with vegies cooked so well they fall apart.

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my son wouldn't eat baby food no mater how hard i tried. he wanted to chew, so he was on solids from the beginning and he didn't have any teeth. but i have known kids that couldn't eat solids even with teeth. so it depends on the kid.

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They don't need any teeth. My cousin's son is 15 months, no teeth but he eats/chews everything. His gums are rock solid. Lol.

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Our little one has only two bottom teeth. She is still eating some puréed foods. She's 11 months and I have started making a food a little more chunkier than purée. She eats hard boiled eggs and toast for breakfast. I usually put smart balance or peanut butter on her toast. Dr had us start peanut butter this past Monday. Sweet potatoes and small pieces of chicken and veggies for lunch. Dinner is usually pasta with lil Hamburg and lil veggie broth. She does not like tomato sauce yet.

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Agree with the other posters. Babies don't need teeth to eat solid food. The front teeth that they get first aren't even for chewing. They're just for biting and ripping. The mash and grind with their gums.

We didn't even do puree. Our kids ate what we ate - cut into small pieces as necessary.

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My little one gums her food, she is 8months and unless it is really hard eats most things as finger foods..she loves toast, veggies. She has no teeth yet and no sign of any coming, I let her be the guide as she loves to share food with her 2yr old brother!

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Children do not need teeth to start eating solids. In fact their gums are so hard that gumming the food can be relieving for them. What is important for starting solids is their tongue reflex. If they open their mouths a lot and watch you while you eat and even try to reach for your food then these are signs to give solids a try. Sometimes children show signs by still seeming actively hungry after a feed.Maybe try them on a little bit of baby rice mixed with breast milk or formula to make a smooth consistency. Then try a little on a tea spoon and if they open their mouths when you bring the spoon close take it inside and then are able to move it to the back of their throat without their tongue protruding and then swallow, then they are ready. If not just keep trying. When you start just a half teaspoon can be enough. There are foods out there to help get your child to get used to having solid food in their mouth and usually consist of a mix of veges and fruit but be aware that there is often very little nutritional value. My son is 8 months old and we steamed and processed our own veges and mixed with breast milk. Just try what you think is best and watch your babies cues.

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None. But I use a Magic Bullet to puree a lot of foods for infants just learning to eat and use my food chopper to mince them up for older infants.

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my son is 8 months old and as 8 teeth should i start him on finger food now ?

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my daughter was 13 months to the day before her first tooth ever broke though. she was gumming the same food as us at that point just cut smaller :)

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my daughter is 9 months and is a great eater she had her 2 bottom teeth come thru at 6 months and a few days ago got her 2 top teeth but we started her at 5 months on solids as babies do not need teeth to have solid food... my daughter will eat anything and she chews on the side so she is obviously just grinding it on her gums, some children dont get teeth til after their 1st birthday and are still obviously going to be on solids so this is a bit silly :S

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My son Lachlan is 5 months old - we started feeding him solids from 4 months. He has no teeth. We have started him eating baby cereal for two weeks twice a day and then pumpkin, potato and sweet potato for 5 days for each vegie at night with cereal in the morning. The vegies are pureed so they are easy to eat. We will try stewed apples and pears next!! Hope this helps :)

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my daughter is 9 months now with 5 teeth and another 3 trying to break through I do believe it all depends on the child and also the parent. You have to slowly intruduce them to solid foods like the gerber puffs and crackers. But the baby usually gives you signs also like watching you while you are eating and making gestures towards the food. I have been slowly giving her solids since she was 7months.

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I started my son on solid foods when he had 6 teeth.. It would have been 4 teeth but 4 of them decided to come in at once, he was about 7 months. I think it all depends on the baby and if the show signs of being ready to eat solids. I started my son on the gerber graduates puffs because they dissolve in a few seconds. I also used the gerber 3rd foods that have like little noodles and carrots and things like that. After he got the hang of it I fed him the gerber "lil crunches" and wagon wheels.. Gerber also make little self feed trays with diced
carrots and apples that my son loves!! You can also give them cheerios and nilla wafers, Graham crackers, etc. You just kinda have to try new things just make sure you keep a close eye on them and how many of anything they or in there mouth

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My 13 month old only has 2 halves of her bottom teeth and still has lots of problems with solids.... I think they need at least one on the top and one on the bottom to REALLY chew and be successful.


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