How much does a 21 month old talk?

Kids usually start talking within the first two years of life. How much should moms expect a 21 month old to be talking? What types of words and sentences should she be saying?

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all kids are different. some of mine are non-stop babblers and by the time they were two had over a hundred words and said short sentences, others barely talked at all. My husband didn't talk until he was three! and then it was full sentences. So if you feel like your toddler is behind the pack, but is perfectly healthy (and understands you and communicates), just bide your time. The words will eventually come out.

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In my experience as a mother of 4, girls tend to speak faster than boys. By age 2, both my daughters spoke fluently. On the other hand my boys, one of them is 31 months old and he blabs a lot, speak with short sentences; just mommy, daddy, come here, hello...things like that. My older son did the same, and by age 3 he start talking a lot. He's 18 years now and never had any problems because of that.

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my son started saying words before 1,at 18 months he was speaking sentences and at 2 fluently, my LG doesn't say sentences and she'll be 2 in a month, she can comunicate and tells me what she want,but babbles a lot.

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All kids are different, I too was worried about My Bella but she is 23 and a half months and other than the momma, ba (for dad) and yep, she didn't talk at all but now in the last two weeks she will repeat almost everything we say and is comming up with words on her own everyday. Don't worry all kids talk when they are ready not when you are, as long as he/she understands you and trys to communicates in their own way, you have nothing to worry about! But a typical vocab starts with mom, dad, no, yes, bye, cup/word for drink, hi, any words you use on a regular basis will be learned first. Sentences will come after they form a pretty good size vocabulary.

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All kids are different so are parents, parenting skills. If you teach you children proper vocabulary and communicate with them all the time I think they should pick it up when they feel confident enough. Talking to them all the time and taking time to explain things to them, will not only give them good speech skills but they will have a good understanding of how words work and how to put them together. They will know how to use them. I know some kids who havent started talking until 3, and are still working on simple words and this is because both parents don't talk to her a whole lot and have recenlty split when she was jus over 2. I dont think they realize just how much it affects the poor kid. that said I think they start when ever they start to feel confident.

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My 18 month old says a lot of words, but nothing much that makes sense. "dog, bug, duck, brrrm brrrm (like a sound for a car for any vehicile he sees), hi, mum/ma (he calls me mum and my mother, or his grandmother ma), yes, yeah, done, uh oh. I think I got most of them. And my mother says that my brother, sister, and myself were saying words before the age of 1, and speaking simple to complex sentences at 18-20 months. So I feel that my 18 month old is behind. And believe me, he is not quite, other than the words that he does say, he babbles gibberish nonstop and "pretend reads" to himself when holding a book or anything with writing on it.

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My neighbor's son was totally silent until he was almost 3 years old, then he came out with full sentences. I guess he was absorbing but just didn't have anything to say yet. He would understand everything, just didn't bother to speak. We were a bit concerned at the time thinking he might be autistic, but he is 5 now and about to start kindergarten and he is totally normal. He is quite eloquent.

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Our 21 month old, Ty seems to babble more than talk.
However, lately he has been shocking us with phrases & long words.
2 recent additions:
Thank You & Welcome
Before now he was all 1 syllable (go, out, up, off, no, etc...)
So, I am less worried now; but would like to see more consistency w/ the bigger words & phrases; especially since he still babbles (untranslatable sounds that sound similar to words; but aren't) more than talks ;)

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I'm so glad you wrote this because my 22 month old is identical!

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promised myself I would report my observations of my son's progress at some point, after all the times I googled "18 month old with only one word' LOL; here it goes: - at 18 months the only word he had was "yeah" - at 21 months about 10 single syllable words such as "boo" for book - at 24 months about 40 short words (ie mine, down etc) and rare two word sentences (ie my ball or ball mine, hi mom etc) - now, at 26.5 months: more than 100 words (I stopped counting), frequent two and three word sentences (ie light on, plane sky moon, more cookies, play ball, mom shoes mine, etc) has always had very good understanding of spoken languages, is bilingual and has an older sister who talks non stop and often talks for him. There. A point of reference for those, like me, who worry and try to make statistics out of many moms' reports' :)

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At 21 months old, my grand daughter said 50 words. At 24 months she jumped to 200 words and now at 25 months she says 300 words. She says up to 4 words together. She can count and identify number to 10 and knows all the letters in the alphabet. She can repeat almost any word you say to her. She also knows 25 sign language words which I started teaching her when she was 9 months old. She learned those before she could say the words. The key has been daily repitition and I also use home made flash cards with 30 pictures, colors, and the alphabet. We also read 5-10 books a day to her. Now she can repeat alot of the sentences in certain books.

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all children are different and develop different skills at different times . Though around 2 years children "great strides in receptive language , child uses telegraphic speech ( daddy gone, more milk, etc.) two-three word utterances. 50-200 words, definite increase in communicative efforts, beginnings of conversations, although toddlers rarely extend conversations beyond two turns or sustain topics.
3 years olds considered the most rapid growth many new words acquired daily, 200-300 word vocabulary, child strides to communicate and shows frustration when not understood, the ability for unfamiliar adults to understand the child increases
(Jalongo, 2007. pg 64)

If the child is showing that they are being receptive to what you are saying and attempts to communicate and babbles, i would not be concerned, as like i said and others have said all children develop at different stages. Just continue to provide language rich opportunities in the home to encourage and support. Finger rhymes and rhymes, reading of books, songs, finger play , action songs, conversations etc ... :)

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My daughter will be 21 months on Saturday and speaks a variety of words. She has difficulty making the "d" sound (a ducky is a gucky in our house), but she understands what we are saying to her and she is beginning to ask for things, such as a specific food at lunch time.
Though she has no siblings, I attribute her ability to speak to being around older children at daycare, where she has been going for nearly a year.
She is also copying the subject word from most sentences and will repeat it to us. She enjoys talking on the phone to people (babbling mostly) and will run around asking for "Papa" (grandpa) and "Maama" (grandma). She also says auntie and uncle. She will copy our behaviours such as shushing the cat ("sss lu") and she loves to look at books and pretend to read.

I used to worry she would not talk at the "normal" rate, as she took over a year to begin to call me anything, though she could say daddy. I think children talk in their own due time and any concerns about speech just need patience. Before you know it your child will be screaming "PUPPY!" at every dog he or she sees, just like mine does :)

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My 1st born had a huge vocabulary for a 21 mo old... now my 2nd boy will be 21 mo old on the 27th ... understands everything but says zilsch! hello.. mommy ... daddy and thats about it!

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Mine speaks complex sentences in French and English.

eg "I did not go on the potty because I did not want to."
She merges French and English sometimes such as her favourite word right now is "Pourqu-why" Pourquoi is why in French.

She repeats a lot of what her sisters says. If her 4 year old sister says I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, she will say I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch too.

Her favorite phrases, "I cannot!" or "I want lots!"

She sometimes mixes up her grammer due to the two languages and my 4 year old still does this as well so it reinforces the mistakes. She will say I want my teddy bear pink, because in French the color comes after the noun. She will make a long convoluted sentences in an odd order because that is how you would say it in French. I think she picks this up in part from the four year old because she does this a lot. She still mixes up certain sounds, especially th. It is not thank you but mank you. It is not pull up she calls it hull up. It is very cute.

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remember all children learn a different rates so it depends on your child's learning rate

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It varies. I have four children and they all started at different times. My oldest started the earliest and hasn't stopped talking yet. He's 22. He started walking before the others, too, and turned out to be the most active--ADHD active (no meds). So, I personally believe it may be linked to personality. My two latest talkers (and walkers btw) are very introspective and don't think out loud--if that makes sense. They kinda live in their heads and you never really know what they're thinking. All four are bright kids not geniuses, but very smart, so don't worry about intelligence. Have fun with your baby!

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my daughter is neary 22 mths and if you count with her can say number 1-12 most primary colours she says hi hello bye bye see ya soon ta ra and she babbles to wind the bobbin up she loves singing along with her fav shows some words are clear but some she babbles i think she has got most of her speech from her big sisters who r 8 and 10

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Every kid is different! My daughter talks a ton.. She is 19 months old and says about 100 words at this point would be my guess.. She says a lot of different words and phrases.. Some of her new ones are "I see you!" "I sorry mama/dada, or the ones that just melt me "I love you mommy" or "I love you too" Super cute!! Seems like she is coming up with more and more every day. She was an early talker, she is my first, but I take her to work with me where I am a nanny and the older boys have helped out a lot with her vocabulary I'm sure! She even tells the baby "No No Babies!!" all the time when she he getting into something he shouldn't. Now all her words she doesn't pronounce 100% correctly, but more than 2/3 of them she does! Her first words were kitty and doggie at 9 months which are still her favorite things til this day :)

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my son can say many things but also likes to make the noises of animals rather than tell me what animal it is he has started to tell me when he has had a wee he says wee wee until i change him so i am now guna start potty training also if you repeat what he has said he keeps saying i just said that really fast so think hes guna be quite the cheeky chappy hehe only thing is now he wont walk without me holding his one hand which is weird as he did once do it on his own

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My Son Has A 40 Word Vocab, I Don't Know What The Norm Is For His Age But He Says At Least 40 That We Can Understand... But I Must Say I Was Quite Shocked To Hear Him Say As He Handed Me My Cell the Other Day "Call Nana And Pop Pop"... lol But As Compared To My 1st Born, He Does Talk Nearly As Much, By 21 Months She Had A 60+ Vocab... But She Was Always Surrounded by Adults...

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At 21 months our Brandon was not saying more than a few words.. Mama, Dada, bye-bye, etc.. He started daycare when he was 22 months and by the time he was 24 months he was saying short sentences.. I want the ball, hold me, I don't like it, etc.. Being around the other kids that were talking really helped him.. My nephews were the same way.. The younger one talked a lot more because he had the older one to listen to all the time.. It doesnt sound like your child is off track at all.. You could either try a mothers day out or play group to allow your child to be around other speaking children.. It is amazing what they learn from each other.

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All three of my kids were early talkers but the youngest has developed clear sentences more quickly. E Everyone thinks she is older because she understands and can answer clearly and complete. When she thinks too fast though it sounds like jumbled words until the last two words. Lol She has help from older siblings though so........ Every child has their own mile stones as long as they are not very far off don't worry.

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Both my kids were early talkers. My daughter is 21months now and is saying a lot. But she also has a big brother that is a year older to look up to.


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