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How often do you breastfeed a newborn?

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12  Answers

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On demand! Whenever baby wants it. :) We didn't schedule, but would just offer to nurse if she didn't initiate within 3 hours.

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My son would have DIED if I had put him on a schedule because he needed so much food. In fact, at five weeks, he was having cereal also. And, at 6 or 7 weeks, he had baby jar food mixed with formula. The guidelines about enough poopy or wet diapers do NOT apply because he had enough of them but was not getting enough nutrition. I am sure that this is rare, but I don't know why people choose not to feed a baby when it's hungry. It makes no sense to me.
BY THE WAY, I started out just nursing but it wasn't enough.

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in 2 or 3hours

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I had twins, but managed to feed them once every 1.5-2 hrs which equaled to about 10 times or more each day. As they grew (around the age of 12 months and older) I also fed them baby food so they only nursed every 4-6 hours

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I fed my daughter on demand. When we were in the hospital after the birth the nurses wanted me to do it every 2 hours, but my daughter just had other things in mind. Every time they tried to make me nurse on their schedule she was either sleeping or just didn't want it then. But when she wanted it she got it, and she wasn't fussy either. Demand is the best way to go and eventually they form a schedule once they get the hang of it.

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I was told on demand and because I'm in the tropics to offer the breast every 4 hours at least if they haven't had a drink.

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Every child is going to be different. I had read on the internet that you want to average about 20 minutes, per side, every 2 hours from when they started the last time. With my first I pretty much scheduled him that way, except for when he took naps (he was a lazy nurser). With my second I decided to let her tell me, and not really schedule anything. Turns out she demanded almost every hour on the hour! I keep track of her feedings on the Baby Timer app in my iPod, which is awesome to keep track of which side was last. You're supposed to do both sides every time, but she doesn't want to except before bed. No biggie; she's 90th percentile for her weight. Rule of thumb: you want at least 10 minutes for your body to make the same amount of milk, and nurse longer to stimulate more production of milk. It takes about a week for your body to make more or less milk to what the demand is, so if you want to encourage more production add a pumping session. After 4 to 6 months you're both pros and breastfeeding becomes a breeze.

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my babies all nursed for about 45 mins every hour it seemed, except for the few hours they'd sleep, then they'd wake to nurse some more. When someone says "on demand" that just means all day and all night, at least for the first two months. I recall being a zombie for two months. I fed constantly, then changed diaper after diaper and passed out when the baby slept, which wasn't for very long. Two hours max, only to feed some more. If you can hang in there for the first two weeks, then hang in there for two months the rest of it is EASY!

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I agree with the previous posts, on demand.

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on demand.

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Whenever they want/need it. Mine was a snacker... she wanted to nurse for 5-10 minutes every hour. She still nurses every 1-2 hours at 9 months old, but like I said, she's a snacker. She will go 3-4 hours between nursing if we're really busy, or at night. But newborns need the nutrition and the closeness of breastfeeding often.

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My newborn wants to nurse every 1 1/2-2 hours. I feed on demand. When she's hungry I feed. She has wanted to eat 45 mins after a previous feeding. She just turned a month old...I've read it gets longer between feedings when they get a little older.


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