How old should a child be before you can give them juice?

How do you know when a baby has "graduated" from breast milk and can start drinking juice? Is there a right age?

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Well I have given my 3 month old daughter Apple juice if she gets constipated and she seemed to love it! I think it all depends on how their body reacts to it.

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it depends on the type of juice. Orange and pineapple have vitamin c as well as other good nutrients. But, these tend to upset young kiddo's tummies. Apple juice and grape juice have little to no nutritional value and are packed with sugar and should be avoided, and juice blends (anything other than 100% juice) should not even come close to baby's mouth.
We began giving our oldest 1/3rd juice (juiced at home) and 2/3 water mix around 18 months. Our youngest (9 months) doesn't drink juice, just breastmilk and water (though he has sipped a few times from his brother's cup- what a generous big brother, lol)
Really, breastmilk can be given in a bottle until around 1 (for dental purposes and to prevent ear infections, cut a bottle or breastfeeding after this age and switch to a cup) and then in a cup for however long you want. After that, switch to whole milk or toddler formula and water. There is no need for juice.

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You can still breastfeed after a year... It's recommended until 2 years plus. But otherwise you would go straight to whole milk or a soy variety if there is a milk allergy.

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Not before age 1. I still do not give my 32 month old juice. I do not find it necessary, because he eats all the necessary fruits and vegetables and so juice would just be extra unnecessary calories when he could be drinking water or milk. Now, if my son did not eat his fruits or vegetables, then I would consider buying a fruits and vegetables juice. Regardless, you should still mix the juice with water. Since my son has turned one, I have given him sips of my juice drinks (which I very rarely drink) but I do not think I will give him juice for a long while yet.

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I've started my kids on juice around 5 months.

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after 1yr old


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