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How old should kids be to eat fruits and veggies from a jar?

When are kids ready to start eating some solid foods such as fruits and veggies from a jar? What are some suggestions for introducing solid foods to your baby?

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3  Answers

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abandon any mush, go straight to baby led feeding at 6 months, easiest and most effective way t get your little one eating a wide variety of foods! watch on you tube - baby led weaning. baby will only eat enough to fill them up .and basically no prep !

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I agree, Ive looked into the baby led feeding and have been half attempting that plus trying to get my lovely daughter to eat some mush she refuses and turns away every time! Give her a piece of toast and she'll suck away on it and pulls it apart. Im giving up the mush. Baby led feeding may not work for everyone but if your child is as independent as mine and wants to do everything for herself then its worth looking into and makes it easier at meal times :) good luck

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I am a mom of a 12 year old girl, Amanda. I would suggest offering fruits and veggies from the jar starting at 6 mos. along with formula, breast milk, and rice cereal.

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you can start with rice or oat cereal (you can make your own or buy Gerber brand in a box at your grocery store) between 4-6 months, when your baby can sit a little (with help) and hold his head up without help, and doesn't have the tongue reflex (earlier than 4 months is discouraged for several reasons, including immature digestive system, risk of food allergies, and that they should be eating a perfect diet of breastmilk or formula). Once he masters these (wait a week at least) you can start introducing other food purees either by jar or home made. Food found in jars are labeled 'stage 1', 'stage 1' and so on. When you are trying a new food, wait a few days before introducing a new one to be sure there are no reactions. Also, even if baby doesn't appear to like it at first, keep trying, several times, at several different times of the day. Veggies you can start with (pureed) are peas, squash, sweet potato, cauliflower, bananas, and apples. You can water these down to make them a good consistency (especially if you are making them yourself, but also if they are in jars) for your baby and their level. You can use breastmilk, water, or formula to thin it out. I have used both jar food and home made. And lastly, keep a wet washcloth on hand- You'll probably get spit on! ;) Have fun feeding your baby!


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