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How old were your little ones when they came off breast or formula milk?

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18  Answers

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I breastfed my twin girls for 15 months.

My son was breastfed for 3.25 years.

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I breastfed all of my children for 3 years

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My daughter was 6 at the time. She was nursing less and less as she grew older until she decided to stop altogether. I let the decision when to stop to her. We had a weaning party with family to mark the occasion.

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With my oldest I nursed and pumped until she was 5 weeks old. I had to quit due to postpartum depression and I had to take some medication. She has formula until 11 months old. With my twins they never had breast milk and were formula feed babies until 1 year old. My youngest was feed both breast milk and formula. I am proud to say that my baby's were formula fed.

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Baby #1 - stopped nursing at 12 months, got formula from until she was about 2 years old.
Baby #2 - stopped nursing at 15 months, didn't get any formula.
Baby #3 - stopped nursing at 11 months, had frozen breastmilk for a month and then got formula until he was about 2.
Baby #4 - nursed until he was 27 months.

The first three all weaned when I got pregnant and my milk dried up in second trimester.

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both of my girls were done with breast milk&formula milk by there first birthday.

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15 months of breast milk

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My oldest stopped formula on his 1st birthday my youngest who is now 12 Months doctor is keeping him on Formula cause of his eating he hardly eats Table Foods & he hardly eats finger foods & He will not drink whole milk still having trouble

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I breast fed my daughter until she was 15 months.

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my son stopped breastfeeding at 8 mths as I was 5 mths pregnant and I wasnt producing enough to keep him content long. my daughter breastfed for about 9 mths and then would barely feed in the summer as it was too hot so we switched to formula and she liked it room temperature/cold so we put her on whole milk as the dr reccommended. my newest addition will breastfeed till she no longer wants too (which doesnt seem like anytime soon she is 7.5 mths) or by 1.5 years at the latest. I honestly dont think I could breastfeed my child when they are old enough to eat pizza or ask for a cup of milk.. I personally find it very disturbing to breastfeed after the age of 2.. my son is 3.5 years old and there is now way I could imagine still breastfeeding him its weird and not natural there is no reason a child that old shouldnt be on normal milk and regular foods...
a lot of people stop around 6-8 mths because babies get teeth and bite my daughter has 7 teeth and she bit a few times with her 1st 2 bottom teeth playing around when she was feeding but a few squeals of pain from me and I guess she realised it hurt and stopped.. she has since tried with her new 4 top teeth but I just tell her "dont bite" and she seems to understand and stops. its not a real issue if you say the same thing each time I guess they get it or maybe she is just smart =P who knows lol

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My son is almost three and my daughter is 9 months. Both are breastfeeding

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i had alot of trouble breastfeeding so lasted 4 weeks which i was very upset about but had to look at the best options for my daughter. She went to formula then stopped formula at 8 months because she just threw it up and started on cows milk.

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I don't remeber with my daughter, honestly. I know I BF her till I dried up at 8 1/2 months. My son waited till 12 months. But he apperantly wasn't ready. He started off with a milk allergy. We waited 6 more months to try anything dairy and now he's good with it

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Both my kids were off formula when they were a year old. Once they tasted milk, they didn't want the formula anymore.

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about a year, she started drinking milk, no longer cared for formula, she weaned herself completely at about 14months(refused formula completely). Same with the bottle, she still drinks from them occasionally but doesn't care for them prefers regular cups or sippy cups and she is now 20 months. Believe me they will tell you when they are ready, just start off with giving them a taste of milk, they will reject it at first cause they are used to formula, but will ditch the formula when they realize milk is better tasting. The same with baby food and regular food, they will let you know.

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I breast fed all my daughters until they were 3 months old then my milk pretty much dried up so put them on formula. They were on formula until they were 1 year old then on normal cows milk.

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Wouldn't 'normal' mean milk made for our species? Lol

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Yes, doctors recommend taking children off breast milk or formula at the age of 1 y/o (12 months) and put them on Vitamin D milk. I introduce my son to vitamin D milk when he turned a year...that evening I gave him some formula thinking he would have prefer that over the milk for bed. He took one sip of it, looked at the container and threw it on the floor. As he watched me, I put milk into his bottle and he never looked at another bottle of formula again. :)

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The world health organization actually recommends breast feeding for 2yrs, and the AAP recomnds a year or longer. doctors suggest not introducing cows milk until your baby is one.

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American academy of family physicians says weaning a child off breastfeeding before two years puts them at increased risk of illness.

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