How soon should I expect my period to be back after giving birth?

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I have three kids, I got my period 3-4 months after I had them.

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Dont expect it and it will come.... I have notice that it really depends on so many different factors that its hard to tell... Blessings
ps. if your not breastfeeding, there are certain herbs that you can take to help it start flowing.....

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I have three sons. After each one, my cycle came back at 6 months.
I also have three daughters. After each one, my cycle came back roughly after 12 months.
All were breastfed.
My friend had 7 daughters. After the last one her cycle came back at 4 weeks, even though she exclusively breastfed!

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As early as 6 weeks (if your not already pregnant again), or as long as you're breastfeeding and anything in between!

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Mine came back about a month or two after my son stopped nursing. I don't know about if your not breastfeeding. Probably different for each girl.

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It depends on your body and if you are nursing. Some people even when nursing start their periods early. With my son it was close to 9 months I believe and the first one is a miserable one.

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I was breastfeeding so my period did not come back for 9 months after my daughter was born. I got pregnant 3 months later so be careful! :)

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I have gotten it back anytime between 6 weeks and almost a year depending on how the baby took to nursing. So, it is really hard to say when it will start again.

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that depends on whether you nurse or not..... i nurse exclusively and go on average 14 months without a cycle..... it can vary greatly though depending on the woman

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I think some of it depends on genetics. I breastfed and mine came back in exactly three months. I thought breastfeeding exclusively would keep it away, well that didn't work for me. So I asked my mom, and she said hers always came back around then. Enjoy the break while you're pregnant.

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