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Will it be inappropriate to not give my child his/her 1st birthday party?

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The child is not going to remember his/her first birthday. I have not given any formal parties for my kids on their first birthdays. We gathered together as a family, sang happy birthday, and ate cupcakes and took photos as the birthday kid ate his or her cupcake. The child will enjoy any cake/sweets, but any other activities/games/socializing will only be interesting to the older kids and adults there. From what I've seen, the formal parties have been for the benefit of the parents as it is fun for them to decorate and socialize, but the kid doesn't know or care. So it is totally up to you, but there is certainly nothing wrong with not throwing a party.

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No Unless If The Theme Will Be like Shooting or inappropriate content. My 7

So no.

year old had his 1st birthday party and it wasn't inappropriate. So

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I am planning to have the 1st birthday of my son next year, as i was so excited. i am considering all the options and ideas for birthday of my son. I think having a formal party instead of having a kids party is more appropriate because first of all my son cannot join any games or what, i want my son to be the focus of the party and not the other kids. what do you think?

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I agree with most parents who have responded to this question that there is no need to throw a huge party since most 1 year old children don't remember it. For my sons first birthday we invited friends and family to dinner at a nice place to show our appreciation for the support we received from them. Our son is an only child and it meant a lot to us to show how grateful we were for the parenting tips and free babysitting they had given us. It was a lovely celebration and the pictures from that afternoon are in his baby album

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We just had immediate family over for both of my sons' first birthdays and planning on doing the same for my youngest's first birthday in February. They are not going to remember and I don't feel its necessary to go through the expense for a big party at that age.

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We did not give our son his first birthday party. My husband thinks that he is too young to remember it anyway. On top of that, he would not be enjoying most of the food at the party and may not even be able to play a game properly with the rest of the guests.

I think that throwing a 1st birthday party would be more of "parents celebrating the joy of having a child" and that the child has reached 1 year old.

Overall, I think that the meaning of celebrating a birthday is a way to show the child that the parents are glad that he/she was born to them and that they love and treasure him and thus, remembering the day he/she was born.

However, we did celebrate his birthday (just my husband, me and my son). We went to a nice restaurant and later bought a tub of Haagen Das ice cream, light a candle on it and sang Happy Birthday song to him.

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for my first daughters 1st birthday we just had family over and had mini cupcakes and we sang happy birthday. we took lots of photos so she can see them when shes older. our second daughter will be having a family birthday as well :) but i dont think its inappropriate to not hold a party, as they wont remember it and its more for the parents then anything else.


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