Is it normal for a 2.5 year old to sometimes bang his head?

Have any other moms experienced their toddler occasionally banging his head on things? Is this something you should be concerned about?

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My 2.5 year old son bangs his head on things when he's angry. He has hit it to the point where he would get big welts and bruises before I even had time to get to him to stop him! When I brought it up to his pedi she told me flat out "if it continues to be an issue, buy a helmet!" So I did! If he gets in that m.ood where I feel he might try and hit his head, I bring out the helmet and he calms down. It worked well for me! :) good luck!

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I was just having a chat tonight with a woman whose brother did this many years ago as a child until he had bruises on his forehead. It was a sensory issue for him. I would consider talking to an occupational therapist. If its not an emotional issue, I would consider it a sensory issue.

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My 2-year-old does it sometimes when he's having a tantrum. Except we have concrete floors, so he does it just a little, and then he looks at me and says, "Ow."

When he was younger he would bump his head and arms on doors and tables on purpose (but pretty gently) and it was just for kisses and attention. I solved it by teaching him to carry a stuffed toy to me every time he wanted a snuggle, and I'd give him one.

As for not on purpose, my goodness, he constantly whacks his head! It's just part of growing up, nothing to be concerned about. If he wasn't climbing under things and over things and trying to balance on top of things, I think there would be more cause for concern. A few bruises won't harm him.

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You might find this article informative:

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I have a 2.8 year old boy, and he usually throws himself on the ground when he's having a tamtrum, while doing so he also throws his head back and I'm not always able to catch him in time, there's been occassions when he's managed to hit the concrete in the process, and I'll be concerned for the rest of the day. So yes I would say it's normal, I've mentioned it to his Pediatrician and to other moms and they all seem to agree.

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My 2.7 year old likes to hit her head on the wall, car seat,..... anything really including me. i am not worried because she liked to hit her head when she was even more of a baby. In the crib we would hear a big old "WHACK" and be worried but she was asleep. My daughter seems to do this when she is tired or not quite getting her way.

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I know a woman who's daughter did this. She took her to a few doctors and did a bunch of research. She discovered it was because her daughter was extremely allergic to milk. My advice is to trust your instincts. If your son's behavior doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. If your current pediatrician blows off your concern, find one who listens to you, like my friend had to do.

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Yes Unless they do it ALOT My son has sensory issues And likes to do it He likes the feeling and pain Its dangerous You really have to watch them When he's doing it

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I would not be concerned about it just yet! Just keep an eye on it and see if itbegins to decrease as he gets older. I teach ESE children and if not monitored for decreasing or if it increases to where he is really Hurting himself or endangering himself you might want to contact you pediatrian for support. My son is 2.5 years old also and he does not bang his head at all when he is angry. He will hit when he is mad but that is normal. I would just say monitor the behavior using a tally chart for each day of the week to see if it decreases any. Also, if you are worried about him hurting himself it might not hurt to get a helmet.

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My 2.5 yr old will occasionally bang his head on things or ram into us with it like a goat. Am I concerned? No. He just gets in a mood to do it sometimes, and he thinks it's funny. My mother-in-law tells me my husband did the same thing when he was a kid. As long as he's not hurting himself or others, I see no reason to be concerned about something I'm pretty sure he's going to grow out of.


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