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Is it normal for a 30 week old baby for not teething yet?

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3  Answers

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Rather than a doctor, take him/her to a dentist. My kids pediatric dentist will see kids as young as 1. The dentist can do a quick Xray(if necessary) to see if there's a problem with the teeth coming in. Or they can just tell you to stop worrying. :)

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Whats NORMAL anyway??? Of course its ok that your baby hasn't started teething. My oldest didnt start teething until he was a 1, and then my next 2 babies started at 4 months. My oldest lost his teeth "later" then most his peers, and my middle lost her first tooth at 4 years old. Its so different and unpredictable. Bless.

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I would consult a dr. Some kids don't show any evidence of teething and then a tooth shows up. My daughter was like that. I would bring it up with thr dr though.


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