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Is it normal for a child to start sleeping on their back and end up on their stomach?

What do you do if you put your child to sleep on their back, but they end up on their stomachs in the morning? Is that normal, and should you be concerned?

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15  Answers

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yes its normal and you don't need to be concerned.

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I agree with these moms and their docs!

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It's perfectly normal. You don't need to be concerned. If they can roll one way, they can roll the other.

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i think its normal, my baby would never sleep on her back, she would always roll over and she started doing this at about 6 weeks, my doctor would keep tell me to put things around her so she wouldnt roll over onto her stomach but she would push them out of her way and roll over anyways.

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As soon as my daughter (9 months) was able to hold her head up and roll over on her own, she decided that she would prefur her stomach to her back. Im not concerned about it as she can turn her head from side to side and lift it up if she needs.
Yet on the other hand my son (2) still prefurs to sleep on his back.

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Ye it's normal, my boy has slept on his belly since he was 4 weeks old, I know there not ment to but if you put him down on his back he would automaticly wake up so he wasn't sleeping at all, which wasn't good for him as soon as he was put down on his belly he slept right through the night, just the way he found comfortable, same as your child, they sleep the way there comfortable, but if your really worried (I was) there are sensor mats you can pay from mother care, and they just let you know if there is something abnormal with babies breathing and movement. Best thing I ever bought.

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I agree! It is completely normal. We put our 4 month old to bed one way and find her in a totally different place and position!! And our 2 year old is the same way. So, no need to worry.

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Don't feel to bad I was worried also when my daughter started doing the same thing. But my doctor said what all these moms are saying. If they can get on their tummy they can get back onto their backs

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Yes it is normal, and no you shouldnt be worried.

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It is normal ,my daughter is one year 3 months now she sleeps on her tummy all the time.

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If your child is able to roll onto their tummy then I would not worry about it. My son started doing that and the doctor said that if he did it himself then he could roll back onto to his back if he needed.

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Oh it's fine!

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This is probably a sign that your child will become a homosexual. Iv read articles about similar things online before and you shouldn't ignore it. Theres nothing wrong with that lifestyle your setting your child up for, just be prepared for it ; )

- Sarah

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it is normal

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Absolutely normal and no need to worry. If you put a camera in their room overnight you would probably find they roll every which way a million times! If they are strong enough to roll over then they are strong enough to move their head to the side while on their tummy if thats what your worried about.


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