Is it normal to have a very emotional 6 year old?

At 6 years old, you might expect your child to be relatively stable emotionally, but what if he or she is still very emotional? Is this normal, and how do you deal with it?

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I have a 6yr that is very emotional, and I think its normal. They are finally seeing things in a real way. They now know what a lie is and that there are mean people in the world. They are now in school and around different types of kids and kids are cruel. Right now, I am working with her on her self esteem and self worth and I know that she will grow out of this "emotional" phase.

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Your child may not grow out of it. It just may be the way she is! I too was and am a ball of emotions but I believe there is a reason. I am an empath and I carry on the emotions of others. My mother made fun of me because I cried so easy. Watching the TV show Lassie always brought me to tears and my mom would say I was "acting" Well I wasn;t but I still cry when most people don't. I would rather live this way then have no emotions at all. Your daughter is blessed to have a kind and understanding mom and I am sure you will support her no matter what... Good luck with her!

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My daughter aat the age of 8 seemed like she had kiddie PMS and then after a routine blood test it was revealed that she has thyroid disease and probably couldnt help her emotional outbreaks. Go with your gut feeling as a parent and just be over precautious.

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how did they figure out it was thyroid? were there any other symptoms?

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My dtr. is also very emotional and when she started acting sad then happy two seconds later I though maybe she is starting to show signs of bipolar which runs in our family, however we have a very thorough doctor who sent us to an endocrinologist and we found out she has congenital adrenal hyperplasia which causes excessive androgen. Her levels are of that of a 17yr old, which explains why she is so up and down. Luckily she only has a mild form which does not need medication however she does have to go to him every year until she goes thru puberty to check her levels which should even out. But it could also lead into PCOS. Many children go undiagnosed because parents think the symptoms are normal. My first symptom that I noticed was when she was 5 she started having body odor which is not normal for a young child. It wouldn't hurt to have your childs hormone levels checked.

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I will certainly look into this. She has body odor, too!

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My 9 year old daughter is very emotional, but it seems to get better as she gets older. I've taught her ways to deal with her emotions in school or in front of her friends. One way is for her to take 5 deep breaths. That usually calms her down, but if the tears still want to come, then she excuses herself to the bathroom and regains her composure there in private. That way she doesn't feel embarrassed or get labeled as a "crybaby.". So far though her friends are kind and understanding.

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Every child is different. My 11 year old boy is still rather emotional. I think he is more emotional than most kids, but I don't think it is a problem. My brother was very emotional so I think it just runs in our family. Unless you child seems to be emotional disproportionately to the situation, then it probably isn't a problem. If s/he falls apart at the slightest thing or has emotional outbusts, then maybe you want to talk to your pediatrician about it.

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My 6 year old girl is prone to episodes of dramatic emotionality. She experiences higher than normal anxiety over things as well. Unfortunately, she is very much like I am. She was like this when she was very small, too and I identified her early as a very "spirited" child. I researched it and found a book called "Raising your spirited child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. After reading this book I discovered a great deal about myself as well as about her. We had it well in hand, but in first grade it started again. Being that I have had a rather tough time with it and suffered through severe depression through most of my life, I knew that some things I could not handle. I sought out a counselor for her and us. Between the book, which I reread, the counseling and my own understanding of her emotions we navigate the storms pretty well. My biggest concerns are her anxieties. Sometimes they can get so bad that she makes herself sick and refuses to eat for fear she will vomit. There are times it becomes overwhelming for me, but so far we have managed to navigate it all...with help.

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My 6yr old daughter is a drama queen right now, and sometimes she gets carried away with her feelings and we have to re-assure her and calm her down.....but it tiresome sometimes.

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Our 5 YO is a drama Queen too. Now that she is in K, she knows the word but will not say it without taking a spanking. She can't be still during homework time.

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My son was always quite emotional and very moody - which I just put down to his age. But after he complained of headaches and feeling dizzy - a blood test revealed that he has Coeliacs disease, allergy to wheat and gluten. And the doctor advised me that his behaviour is attributed to the disease.

If you're worried, take him to the docs just to rule any underlying problem out.

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I didn't know there was an age when we, as humans, are supposed to not be emotional.

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My 8 year old is very emotional. It started with school and how his best friends didn't want to be his friends any more. Anyway, I started seeing a change in his behaviour. He would cry at almost every thing. He would hover over me and didn't want to leave my side. I took him to his pediatrician to make sure that he wasn't going through depression. Changes that I saw in him presented signs of depression as I took psychology in school and was aware of such things. As it turned out, it is not (Thank God) but a lot of counseling and talking from his pediatrican and myself and my husband went a long way. He is still emotional and I think that this is just his character. Just like the other opinions entail, listen to your gut and it's best to find out rather than to wait for the worst case scenario. We should always be proactive when it comes to our children!

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Hi when 6 my youngest could at times be very emotional about almost anything. For us we realised it was a sign "her emotional tank" was low and she just needed a bit of extra time and love from us. Some children are more sensitive than others and we need to learn with each one how we can teach them to cope with their sensitivity.

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I have and 8yr old son he went through that when he was 5 and it turned he was ADHD he was put on medication by his psychologist he is completely fine now and as happy as he could possibly be like any other normal child.

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My 8 year old cries or whimpers over EVERYTHING, my gut tells me it is not normal but never thought of bringing it the doctor's attention. She has an appointment (well child) coming up and I most certainly will now. Thank you Nancy and Keri for the words of advice. :)

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Both of my children (6 and 7 girls) are very emitional. Neither of my grown girls were like them. I think it has to do with all the chemicals they put in our food. Just my two cents worth.

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Both my 6 year old and my 10 year old are prone to emotional outbursts. But they have always been like that. My son (10 year old) soaks everything up in a spongelike way until saturation point, then blows (a bit like me) My 6year old daughter just blows at anything that bugs her. (more like her dad I think - sadly). However, this has all been made worse by the less than amicable divorce we are currently experiencing as a family. I'm finding it very hard to sort out both kids when they blow at the same time in different places in the house. I have to choose the worst case child and sort them 1st. It can be a nightmare, but we're getting by - just. We're arranging a family counselling session for the three of us, so that should ease the problem. However, any tips on coping with kids and divorce would be greatly appreciated!


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