Is it normal to have very strange dreams while pregnant?

Is it common to have weird dreams when pregnant? What are the strangest dreams you've had while pregnant?

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TOTALLY!!!! I've heard it's because of the hormonal changes. My dreams when I was pregnant were bizarre. My recurring dream was that Harry Potter was my husband and it was awesome!! He'd do laundry, dishes, cleaning, diaper changes, everything-with the flick of his wand!!! LMAO!! I had crazy dreams too, I'd give birth to the strangest thing, instead of a baby. I'd even get up and walk around, doing things in real life, while I was dreaming. Once I dreamed I was peeing on the toilet, but it was actually the concrete step, I really peed on there!! Good thing I was outside!!

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Yes I also had some strange also when I was pregnant so its totally normal

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I'm 8 months pregnant and almost every morning I wake up like... WTF?! My dreams have been so WHACK. Will it change once I give birth?

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YES! Totally normal, and they will get more bizarre as you get further along and have more trouble sleeping. I remember having a dream that I gave birth to an Eskimo baby girl with a giant red "minnie mouse" style bow on her head!

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I have had crazy dreams while being pregnant with my son, and my newest one is my son keeps dying, and it freaks me out.

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Yes, I had very vivid dreams while pregnant with my son. Some were very important, like an intution type of thing.

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Oh yes!! My dreams have varied from dreaming that an unknown woman tried to take my new baby (I woke up to my husband peeking around a pillow because I apparently tried to punch him in my effort to punch the woman), to losing my baby (miscarriage), to finding myself in someone else's life where I don't even known where I'm at or who I am, to fighting zombies, to having incredible adventures in far off lands. LOL! I figure it's the hormones because my dreams are never this vivid or imaginative when I'm not pregnant. Fourth kid and the trend still hasn't changed. Actually, I should've known I was pregnant a week before I did because my dreams just took off :-)

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i have strange and intense dreams almost every night, if not nightmares. I keep thinking about them during the day!

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I had a horrible recurring dream when expecting my son that he was falling off the side of the bed/sofa and just out of reach. It lasted until he was about 1.

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I dreamt one night that the new puppy we got was actually my baby, and my mom brought it to me. then I dreamt about zombies and shooting them.

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I had a the same dream, over and over so I actually thought it was going to come true for awhile. I was so scared to go into labor and delivery because I thought my precious baby girl was going to be born a snake:/! And it didn't help tht instead of kicking it felt like a snake moving around!

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lol..with my daughter i had very weird dreams like i had a puppy instead of a baby...also an alien...also i had a dream i steped on a hole and a million scorpions stung me and killed my unborn child...glad they were all dreams!!!

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I actually had a dream last night that my child was born a cat sounds funny but was SO DISTURBING!!!!!

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I always dreamed that my husband was flirting with women. Family, friends, strangers it didn't matter. I always woke up mad, screaming, crying or numb. It felt so real. I was guessing it was because my biggest fear was him leaving me. We have 4 kids and I know he's not going anywhere. But every time I've been pregnant, that's all I'd have nightmares about.

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Strange as in dreaming that your baby is actually a pizza, delivered by the local Pizza Hut delivery guy? Perhaps that you are actually pregnant with a swamp full of frogs and fish? Maybe that you are swimming in a pool of Jell-O and suddenly realize you can't swim, and take refuge on a huge dill pickle, which just happened to be floating by? *laughing* Aren't hormones incredible things?! Yes, it is TOTALLY normal to have unusual dreams while you are pregnant. In fact, some of the most vivid dreams you will ever have will be while you are with child. Some dreams make absolutely no sense at all, while others will leave you crying out in terror and scaring the pants off your partner. Between the hormones and the general conserns of parenthood (and it doesn't matter if it is your first or your eighth kid) will influence your dreams.
On a personal level, I am pregnant with my fifth child and my dreams, as of late, have been of me contending with drowning (myself, my children, my husband, and even friends and family) and battling huge tornadoes, in which no one will listen to me and get out of the way. Weird? Not really. Dreams that involve subjects in which you have no influence on, such as drowning and storms, simply are ways your brain is trying to process the feelings and emotions you are trying to contend with in your pregnancy. I worry about childcare costs, how am I going to keep up with all the kids, when am I going to have the time and energy to work full time after the baby is born, etc. This is totally normal!!
Don't sweat it...unless your dreams are keeping you up at night or affecting your day-to-day life, you are just fine. If you do find your dreams are stressing you out, talk to your doctor. He/She can usually ease your fears or, worst case scenerio, suggest a therapist or medication.

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Mariann, I hope your baby's nick name is Pizza!! Too funny, you make me laugh! :) And dreams have a way of showing how you are feeling. Amazing isn't it? Congrats on your newest little one, by the way! ♥

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