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Is it normal for your baby to have a blankie attachment?

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3  Answers

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There is nothing wrong with having one. My DD used hers until she started school. She is 31 one now and still keeps it in a closet LOL.
If you don't want them to have attachments to certain objects don't give them one to start with. Non of my kids had soothers so there was no breaking of a habit that never existed.

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i think so. my baby girl has a favorite blanket that she just has to have every time she goes to sleep. & if she feels upset she needs it to. & my son he never liked a blanket & still dont. so every child is different. & does what makes them feel comfortable & comforting.

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This all depends on the child. Out of the four children that my mother had I was the only one that ever had one and I didn't even start that till my parents split up. One of my step nephews had an attachment to his mother's silk shirts as a blankie since he was a baby, but too she hardly ever had him and I think he did that to keep the smell of her around him while he was with us. For many it is a comfort issue and I honestly don't see an issue with it as long as the parent keeps the "blankie" clean.

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I think it's fine, my baby girl loves her blankie she takes it everywhere and has to have it when she sleeps. I think having a blankie attachment is better than having an attachment to a binky or a bottle. I think most kids grow out of having an attachment but even if they dont if they still have the blankie when there older they can give it to their children or keep it as a childhood keepsake. LOL

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