Is olive oil the best thing for cradle cap?

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using a leave-in conditioner can really help with cradle cap. After washing applying a non-residue forming, leave-in conditioner or regular conditioner (without rinsing) has helped many of our customers treat cradle cap. You may also try putting a moisturizing oil into a spray bottle for easy applications.

Obviously, I recommend our Glop & Glam Creamsicle Moisturizing Detangler because its lightweight and sprays on without leaving residue while providing leave-in conditioning.

But there are several other conditioners that may help improve the cradle cap without gunking up your sheets / baby clothes

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I found brushing my daughters scalp with a soft baby brush a few times a day would loosen the cradles cap. After about a month it was gone.

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Removing the cradle cap is required for sure, I took too long to remove them and then once they got hard, the hair comes out with the removal, though they did grow back after a year!

Shampoo with cradle cap shampoo, brushing hair supposed to help too.

My baby's cradle cap experience on my eczema blog,


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She would get it long after it stops being called cradle cap and becomes derma whatever what worked best for us was baby oil and we would scrub it in with a wash cloth and it would come off in large flakes. No hats or hoods while hair is wet.

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olive oil worked for my oil made it worse (it contains a drying agent!)

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any baby oil will work. in my daughter's case, i put the oil one hour before taking a bath, after bathing while combing the hair the cradle cap loosen and in a few days disappear.

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Nothing worked for my LO until I put vasoline on her head and let her sleep with it on her head overnight. I put an old sheet on her crib so it wouldn't stain her nice ones. In the morning, I took a fine-tooth comb and combed it out. It comes right out, but it's dead skin, so it's kind of gross.

To wash it out, use dish soap.

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Mustela makes a product
You massage on before bed and you can use a soft brush to loosen during babies bath. Works quite well.


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