Is it over overprotective to track your child?

If your grade school child just started taking the bus to school or teen is starting to drive, it may be tempting to stick a tracking device in their car, phone, or backpack. Do you think this is a good idea or is it too overprotective?

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Where can I get some? I want GPS for their shoes. If my kids are (God forbid) taken, they are more likely to keep their shoes. I don't care if I find the backpack I want to quickly find my kids!

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or maybe in some jewelry? like earings for girls? and in watches for boys?

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Overprotective? No. Smart? Yes.


in my experience, a kid sees this as a lack of trust between you two and that their every move is being watched with a magnifying glass. This could even cause your child to act out more, as they find it a new challenge to "dupe the system".

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I don't have a problem with a tracking device on the phone because a lot of the new ones come with it but you have to let them go sometime. I have really good girls so I trust them. If they do something to loose that trust I will reconsider.

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I think its a smart idea. Of course you have to let them be independent, and by letting them leave on their own is doing that. It cant hurt anyone at all if they have a tracker. I wouldn't obsessively track them, but if they were late or didn't check in, I'd like a way to tell if they are where they should be, and be easy to find should they be taken or run away, as unlikely as it may be. It would give me a huge piece of mind while they are out, as a mom.

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I would have to disagree. Parenting is all about letting go, training your child to be independent. If you were not able to trust your child, that is another story. But if that is the case, you have bigger problems on your hands. My question for all of you is, "When do you start letting go?" Cases of child abduction by a stranger are very low. Teach your children the following things to protect themselves:
Does your child understand that he or she should never get in the car with anyone but Mom or Dad?
If you must send someone else to pick up your child, do you have a secret code word? Does your child know to always ask for that code word (while standing a safe distance from the vehicle) before getting into anyone else’s car – even if it is a neighbor?
Does your child know not to get into cars or go into houses of neighbors he or she doesn’t know very well? (Go over a list of acceptable neighbors.)
Does your child know to never use a public restroom alone?
Does your child know it is okay to say “no” to adults?
Does your child know never exit an area (such as a store, the mall, or the zoo), even if the person helping asks him or her to step outside?
Does your child know the body parts that are unacceptable for others to touch?
Does your child know to shout “no” or “stop” if someone touches him or her inappropriately?
Does your child know to trust his or her instincts and that even if your child makes a bad choice with an innocent stranger, you will support him or her?
Does your child know that even trusted people shouldn’t ask him or her to do something that makes him or her uncomfortable?
I have four children ages 21 to 10. I have seen how to start letting go.

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You are lucky Chris. But the cases of abduction nowadays is so scary. I believe in everything you have said. I've been teaching my kids about appropriate things like it's okay to say "no" to adults. Never go to neighbors house. Teaching them about the "safe side". I also believe in "Don't over shelter your child, that you need to teach them to become independent" but also at the same time you are watchful and make sure that they are not forgetting the rules. They are kids and they can forget things. If a parents can afford to put some tracking device in their clothings and cars, why not? If not, then we can stick to the idea of reminding them everything you have said. Thank you for your nice advice, I will keep that in mind.

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I think that it is a great idea, not to be snooping, but just to be safe. It is our responsibilities as parents to have a firm handle on our childrens lives.

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I aggree with all the moms here. I rather be overprotective and know the whereabouts of my children then not have a clue where they are going, who they are hanging out with, what they are doing.

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I think its an awesome idea. :)

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Super agree to both Angela and Tracie:)

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Better safe than sorry... I'd do it when I kids get old enough to travel on their own...


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