Are prenatal vitamins good or bad?

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Good for sure. The vitamin recommendations have been associated with a drop in nueral tube defects. That said, I never took actual prenatals. They were more expensive than regular vitamins and mostly the same. Prenatal vitamins have more iron, but my iron levels have always been really good.

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Very good...I personally had complications with my first child and she died at 20 weeks...I was then not taking prenatal vitamins because I got sick. I now have a beautiful daughter (9 months old) and I took the vitamins everyday. I think it makes a BIG difference but that is just me. It gives your baby the nutrition it needs!

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Prenatal vitamins are necessary, especially if you have a diet that doesn't provide you enough vitamins and minerals. Prenatal vitamins make sure that both you and baby are getting what you need during pregnancy. The one thing that comes with prenatal vitamins, is constipation. So, make sure you drink plenty of water. I continued to take the vitamins while breastfeeding, then switched to just a regular multi-vitamin once I stopped. Prenatal vitamins are very helpful.

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? I'm not sure how prenatal vitamins could be considered bad for you. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question though?

There are certain nutrients (like folic acid) that we have a hard time getting enough of in an ordinary daily diet. Don't pile on, I'm not saying it's impossible. Just that many people don't necessarily usually eat that way. Even healthy eaters may be challenged to get enough of certain nutrients when they're pregnant. That's what these supplements are for.

It's worth noting that doctors will tell you you should take prenatal vitamins throughout your reproductive years, even if you're not pregnant, because they help average women get enough iron, B12, and other nutrients on a daily basis. So I vote they're good, as a supplement to a healthy diet.

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i agree with lara jones

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