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Share your best meals for picky toddlers

The baby who would eat anything from your spoon is now stubbornly rejecting everything from fruit to pizza to ice cream (never mind vegetables!). What do you feed a picky toddler to ensure his best nutrition?

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10  Answers

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I mix pureed broccoli, zuchinni, squash or other vegetables into mashed potatoes (made with organic milk) and just a bit of shreaded cheese. I don't know what I'm going to do when she figures out that mashed potatoes aren't supposed to be green...

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LOL call 'em Oscar the Grouch potatoes!

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Great idea! Especially since she has recently discovered, and fallen in love with, Sesame Street.

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My son live chicken nuggets but tend to find the stuff no better for anything! So I make
home made with fresh chicken, gluten free flour, eggs, seasonings, and crushed cornflakes
and bake. I also have a juicer for times I can't get him to eat at all and put a variety of fresh
frozen fruit and then hide in some veggies like beets, carrots and maybe if I am lucky spinich.
and last but not least I would freeze yogurt and call it ice cream sneaky yes, but it is healthy
and my son don't seem to care as long as it's good!

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My picky daughter loves smoothies. I use yogurt, bananas & frozen strawberries and pineapple...then I freeze fresh spinach leaves and add that too! As long as she doesn't see the green color, she can't taste the spinach at all, and it's super healthy for her! I used to add sweet potato puree to mac and cheese too. It's all about sneaking healthy things into something your picky-eater WILL matter what that is.

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Foster Farms Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets are my savior. Also, Morningstar Farms sausage links and corndogs are also a staple for us...NO NITRATES! :) Plus since they are vegetarian, we get the added benefit of fiber. People that criticize others for feeding their kid from the freezer need to get a life. We all do what we have to do. My son is so skinny and I really need to get the calories in him somehow. Every homemade chicken nugget and vegetable puree "disguised" as real food was rejected by my picky boy...AND I went to culinary school, so it's not like I'm new to cooking and how to make something taste delicious. You can do anything you like but if he won't so much as take a bite, you just wasted your time...and that was my problem. Now I have a baby on top of that, with even less time to experiment in the kitchen. Don't kill yourselves over this food thing. They will eat what they need. Don't make a big deal over it and NEVER punish them for not eating what you serve them. It will only make it worse.

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Thank you! I have tried to make them myself like you said but he would not eat them. So yes I too use Foster Farm although I cook all the time.

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Although not the right way but it is the easiest way, when he is distracted (TV, Ipad or playing with his toys) and hungry I try to feed him a lot of what we all eat. Pizza, chicken nuggest, some of our authentic food...Thank God he still craves apples, bannas, carrot and peas.

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My daughter was starting out to be a picky eater until it came to the point where I had to cook with her right next to me because my husband was working over time. She got to watch me do almost everything, while keeping her a safe distance from anything hot. She loved being able to help with small things & now she eats/trys almost anything, especially if she sees me preparing it. It made her feel like she had a part in it & enjoyed all the yummy smells as its cooking. I hope this helps some of you, it was a major turning point for us!

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my kids won't eat any cuts of meat but they do eat alot of fruit n veg. so to get them to eat meat we make corned beef hash, soups, stews anything like that and they love it! very strange that they wont eat it as a roast diner tho :(

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I was lucky. My son picked spinach soup over a cookie! As he got older he got choosy, so we would often cook Beggar's Banquet, simply mac. and cheese with veggies cooked in. Broccoli was the favorite as long as the florets were small enough. We called them "trees" and had fun with each one!
We mixed ham, chunks of cheese, chicken chunks, peas, sometimes tuna with broccoli, spinach, corn or any vegetable that mixes well. Not may kids refuse macaroni and cheese! Filling, and a little goes a long way. Leftovers freeze well and can be heated up for a snack or a meal.

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V8 Fusion my son is very picky. He never eats vegetables and the only fruit I can get him to eat is apples. However he loves his juice. Every serving of V8 fusion is 1 serving or both fruits and vegetables. I usually buy whatever is on sale as far as juice. Adam and eve and Mott's medleys are the other brands I buy for him.

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My twins are terrible they used to eat everything now they won't taste anything they are opposite one eats steak and chopped meat the other will only eat chicken and pizza.I just bought frozen oderves from costco the mini quiches with broccoli and spinach they eat them and one drinks V8 fusion watered down they also love the cheese spread in the triangles happy cow they will eat that on crackers and apples.My brother lived on cearal and french fries for about 8 years he is fine now he is grown up and he eats everything. Don' t stress yourselfs about it better they eat junk like crackers or cereal than nothing at all!


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