Should I go VBAC with my second child or c-section?

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I am in 100% agreement with Shannon Rocci. The advice is spot on! That being said, I had my second child 7/24/2010 and the birth was a VBAC. It was the single best experience of my life! My first son was born via c-section 7/10/04 after almost 22 hours labor. My water broke before real contractions started, so they started an "induction" which failed (like MANY do) and in the end the epidural would no longer work, so I had to have general anesthesia which meant neither me or my husband got to see our child being born. The whole experience was awful-the VBAC can be really healing for mothers who's first child has been born via c-section.

The risks for VBAC are so very low- less than 1% chance of a rupture! If it does rupture chances are it will be caught early (due to fetal monitoring) and not be a big issue (most tears even heal alone actually!) The risks of a major abdominal surgery however are much greater. I don't know why VBAC is viewed as 'more risky' when the facts are clear that it isn't :) good luck however people reading this decide!!! A child is a blessing no matter how it's born :)

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Only you can answer that question after a lot of careful consideration. In most cases vaginal birth is the safest option for both mother and baby. You have to consider the circumstances surrounding that first cesarean and the particulars of this pregnancy. If you choose to VBAC make sure your care provider is truly supportive and not just paying you lip service. Find out all the policies of the place you will be birthing to ensure minimal problems. If you haven't already, check out the International Cesarean Awareness Network at Good luck.

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I'm hoping to do a VBAC with my second child as well vs having another c-section!!! I want to be able to tend to my newborn as well as my 4 yo. Also have 2 dogs that need to attention to sometimes :)

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I'd say that you need to make the decision, along with your husband. Don't let Doctors make it for you! When I was pregnant with my 2nd son, I did crazy hours of research because I wanted a VBAC so much, and found that what my doctors would tell me and made me sign about VBAC risks was NOT actually in accordance with the actual studies (one of the doctors in the practice who I asked about the discrepancies actually admitted it).

If you think you MIGHT want to have a vaginal birth at some point, I would recommend going for the VBAC, as the medical community is very difficult to deal with after you have 2 C-sections if you THEN want to try it!

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If i had the choice again I would go VBAC. There is a reason God planned for babies to come out of vagina's.
I regret that I had a second c section. My first was an emergency and then I was too scared to even try having a natural birth the second time around. Here in South Africa, the dr's love c-sections, they push for it, and we think Drs know better and so we just say, oh, okay!!
My son has asthma, excema and allergies and other problems that are linked to c- section. I went in with my eyes wide SHUT!!

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oh my goodness, my 1st son was born via c section (I was only in labor for maybe 6 hrs, the Dr on call was very impatient) and he also has a very mild case of asthma, allergies and eczema. I wonder if that could be a reason with that?? Yes I'm pregnant with my 2nd son and I'm so hoping and praying that I can have a VBAC. I've already talked it over with my midwife and a MD as well. I don't want to have that same experience again and the recovery for a c-section is just awful!!!!

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I fought with my doctors for a vbac im a mother of five and had three sucessful deliverys . I wish now i would have just did a schedualed section this last one was worse than my emergency section eight years ago im three mos postpartum and still uncomfortable . so im not a fan of trial of labor . good luck and the ladies that have had vbacs good for you :)

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honestly, i am currently pregnant with my second child and had a c-section the first time. If you can do a vbac, why not? If i could i would. However, i am very small framed and had a leap done on my cervix, no vag. births for me. so, if you get the chance, experince motherhood at its fullest and good luck!!

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Im currently pregnant also with my second and plan on having a VBAC. I do understand there are risks, one of which is my uterus tiering and having to loose it all together. My doctor said my risk is low and i am a good canidate because my first birth had to be a c-sec because of decreased fetal heart it wasnt my falt it was my babys falt...haha...But i fully for at least trying...

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