Should I introduce my daughter to the fairy-tale world?

Many parents enjoy sharing fairy tales with their children and allow their imagination to run wild, while other parents like to present a more rational world even from birth. Do you think moms should help their kids believe in fairy tales? Why or why not?

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Fairy Tales are a lovely way to let a child develop their imagination. And what a great opportunity to begin developing an understanding of real and pretend. My two year old daughter loves fairies and princesses in castles and witches but already kind of knows what is real and what is just make believe. ANd now she can make up her own creative stories! Plus she is introduced to the realities of life, like we send money to a sponsor child not as fortunate as she is and wasn't it sad that the floods damaged everyone's houses earlier this year. Balance, discussion and involvement are what is needed and each parent should decide where their child is at and what they wish to share with their child.

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I believe that showing kids fairy tales helps to jump start their imagination and be more creative. It's no worse than letting them watch the stuff that passes for cartoons.

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Fairy tales were used as a means of teaching morals to young children. All fairy tales and conflicts between good and evil. They do open up the imagination. I share the tales with my children. We have so much "reality" in our lives. We need to encourage imagination and thinking outside of the box. It helps with decompressing. I believe it is very important to share the fairy-tale world.

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I think fairy tales are good but in moderation because they can't grow up thinking that after you find your prince, or whatever the plot, you live happily ever after, that's not he meaning of life. You know? Sometimes kids take these things literally.

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my daughter watches it all. she sees things she shouldnt on tv and we explain to her that they are not real. i know she may not understand now but as she gets older it will make sense. i am very honets to her about death and if she runs out in front of a car she will die. i want her to know dangers and i sugarcoat nothing. she loves fairytales and she is very smart for her age and very realistic but she also has a great imagination. she is 4 years old

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Absolutely!!! Thats what being a kid is all about..Imagination Imagination Imagination!! Theres nothing wrong with talking adult to them sometimes..but let kids be kids!

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yes, yes and yes - let her explore her imagination. She will be in the real world for long enough as an adult. Let her live in a child's world while she can.

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Yes, I do believe that they should. As another had mentioned, fairy-tales are always a fantastic way to spark your child's imagination!

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Fairy tales are great. They are probably the best way to help a child develop their imagination and the ones for kids have very strong morals and messages behind them, which a lot of children find hard very early out. They also help them to understand the difference between what is real and what is not real.

I love fairy tales, and I still read them (even if they are adult versions of them). The only thing I have a problem with is Disney Princesses. I think. given how old most of them are, they give a message of 'a girl is only worth what a man thinks she's worth' and that 'a girl needs to be saved by a man'. So generally, when it comes to Disney Princess films and my three year old daughter, we stick to Mulan, Pocahontas, Brave, The Princess and the Frog, and the new one, Frozen!

As for proper fairy tales, we read them all!

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Of course! We all have fantasies and love to dress up. Making up stories as you go and asking questions spurs the imagination. That is something we don't use much these days with all the technology. Play time, quiet time and imagination, fairy princess, and super hero time is a must.

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I was raised sorta with both. I was always told the truth, but at the same time my mom would read me fairy tales and watch my imagination go.. a child's imagination is what drives their creativity all their life.

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I think Fairy Tales are a wonderful tool to teach them to use their imaginations and believe in the impossible. I don't think there is anything wrong with our kids watching fairy tales as long as we are careful with what is in them. There are some movies and shows that SHOULD wait until they are older. Such as Disney's Sleeping Beauty. There are some things in certain movies that are just too scary for a child to understand. I'm a firm believer in NOT GIVING your child a reason to be afraid. There is too much REALITY they will have to face sooner or later that is scary enough. My children will never watch a scary movie as long as they are in my house because I don't believe it's right to MAKE them afraid of something. I believe it steals away part of their innocence.
I love the movie Anastasia. But I won't let my little girl watch it because of the evil looking guy in it. Same thing with Sleeping Beauty and Fern Gully. I won't let her watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland ever again. She watched it once and freaked out when the girl was falling down the rabbit hole. There are some things that they shouldn't see at young ages. When they get older (pre teen and up) they will be able to understand these things better.

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I see no problem with fairy tales because I was always told that in life you make your own fairy tales.

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Yes, It helps build there imagination. A child should have a big imagination

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Absolutely! As a parent, grandparent and former teacher, believing in fairy tales and fantasy is invaluable. It teaches faith, optimism and the 'joys of childhood' in addition to morals. It exercises the imagination muscle!
Yes, I let my children believe in fairy tales, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Toothy Fairy! And when they questioned them, we talked about faith and belief--and the magic of childhood. So when it came time for more advanced fantasy literature, they enjoyed it tremendously and had no problem distinguishing fact from fantasy while still enjoying the journey (son was 2nd grade when the first Harry Potter came out).

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How old is your daughter, and which fairy tale? One about a prince who picks a princess and they live happily every after? Not unless you want her to be looking for her Prince Charming her entire life and disappointed that she can't find him.

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I see nothing wrong with the idea of "living happily ever after". Yes some people are dissappointed in what happens in life, but who are we to tell them not to dream? Not every little girl will not grow up and find a true "prince charming", but why should she settle for less if she cant find it? It seems to me waiting on the perfect person is the same as setting your ideals high and not settling for whatever crosses your path. Just a thought:)

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