Should I pay for grad school?

Colleges and Universities are getting more expensive everyday. Do you think it is your responsibility to help your child pay for a graduate degree?

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Nope. They should have been working since Junior High. Mine did. It engenders responsibility. Employers shy away from people who haven't worked and gotten a free ride. How to prove they are team players? What about their references? Even if you have the money, I wouldn't. Life's lessons can't be bought. My kids can survive on tuna, lentil soup, beans and peanut butter, while on their own. My daughter worked 2 part-time jobs, while getting a partial scholarship to row in a top program at a Boston University and got a great education. She barely slept, got in great shape, lived with her friends in a cheap apt. and took a bus or biked to school at 4:30 a.m. in the morning when she rowed or worked out at night. She grew up fast. She's compassionate and totally responsible and does not complain. WE are all very close. We helped with some of the college, bought pizza for the girls and took food to her occasionally. My husband was on strike one too many times working for a utility company. Struggling to be on their own still, happy and loving life, they both told us recently that they had a "great childhood" and wanted for nothing! Go figure! :) p.s I ran my own home day care and was a neighborhood mom to many of their friends, as well. We kept them close with strict boundaries, and we are still close. I wouldn't have done it any other way!

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I couldn't. He earned it himself with scholarships. I made a small loan and he paid me back.

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No, we should not. They should have had a job during HS so they get a feel of real life and nothing comes for FREE IN life

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I think society has placed this burden on parents. How many ads are shown on TV to start saving for your child's college funds?? I personally do not feel it is a parents duty to pay for their child's college education. We have told our kids that we will 'help' if we are able to. I know of to many parents who not only are paying for all college expenses but apartments and bills too. Even if I could afford to do that with my children, I would not.

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I'm not a mother, but I am a college student who recently graduated high school. I may not understand the hardships of having to support a family but I've seen my mother do it own her own, with this said, my mother has always told me that education is my priority and nothing else.
I felt selfish for not working when I could, so I got a job. Honestly, it wasn't easy having to balance school and work at the same time, so it was my mother who told me to stop working and focus. Yeah, having to balance things in life is hard and many people believe life is supposed to be like that but it shouldn't be like that. I'm not saying that your children shouldn't work but having to pay school on their own is somewhat unfair, there is so much help out there in order to pay for college. Many parents don't see that their children are not ready for many things in life and as a parent they should at least guide them to a path. I guess it all depends how one was raised, in my case I have a really amazing mom.

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No. Students are very much adults by the time they start graduate or professional school. They can work, get a funded position, or take out loans. Parents should absolutely not feel obligated to help their children with graduate degrees. For the most part, if you're working on a masters or a PhD you should be embarrassed to have your parents stressing over how they will help you pay for it.

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I personally cannot afford to pay for my kid's graduate studies (I'm still in school myself off and on as I can afford it.) My offer to my kids, however, was that they could live home free from paying rent while in school, then if they chose to work while completing their studies, they could pay off their own student loans. I encourage my kids to fill out applications for college scholarships, and school loans will cover their tuition at most universities. If a parent is well off or blessed to have tuition benefits due to them working at a university, then they can help their children even more if they're in such a position, but that is up to them. I know personally, I work(ed) harder in classes where I had to pay for them on my own and they weren't handed to me. I've had to raise kids, attend classes and pay for my own classes without any help from my parents. I'm not sure what it is like for kids who are more fortunate to have their futures just handed to them. Hopefully such kids are grateful and appreciate it, because it is a huge gift to receive such help! (It's not easy trying to finish a degree and raise kids alone.)

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We as parents have different perspective towards the education of our children. For us, its very important for our children to be educated and that's the best gift parents can give to their children. They are doing their part to help themselves, but we should be responsible to give the best for them.

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now a days graduate degree is very necessary to be able to go to the top of one's career, yes i am willing to help my child this is the best investment for their careers

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We helped our son pay for his Bachelors degree but he is responsible for his education after this. He is saving money and may have to get loans but if he wants it bad enough, he will do fine.

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Figure if your child is interested in furthering their education and you can afford it it will be money well spent.


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