Should I put my 19 month old son in a toddler bed?

At 19 months old, should a child switch over to a toddler bed or is it too early? How do you know when your toddler's ready?

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My daughter started climbing out her of crib with a sleep sack on when she was about 17 mos. We converted the crib to toddler, babyproofed the crap out of her room, put one of those babyproof doorknob covers on her door so she cannot get out and wonder the house unsupervised, and keep the monitor on when she's in there. She made the change very well and she's much safer and happier this way. My son, however, never climbed out of his crib and slept happily there until he was 3, at which time he just decided he didn't want a crib anymore. I think all kids are different. Personally, I'm all for keeping them in the crib as long as they're safe.

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i'm just wondering what you mean by "safer" this way?

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I think people transition toddlers out of cribs too early. Unless the child is consistently trying to climb out (and can or probably can) why change? My son turns 2 this week and he slept in a sleepsack for a little over 1 1/2 years and we transitioned him to pajamas with feet. That went very well but he still has a blankie he is dependent on. He isn't trying to climb out of his crib so I see no reason to give him more independence at this point! He is in a convertible crib so we will convert it to a toddler bed and then a full size bed. Good luck to you but don't feel pressured to switch your child too early.

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It's so true; u've made me think twice about putting Leyla in a big bed now!! She currently sleeps in a co-sleeper she fits it nicely in fact she quite a small/ short baby so I'll buy bunk beds but not put her into her own rm jus yet!! Thank u x

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well, i believe this. If the child is showing signs they are ready to be out of the crib, like climbing out, constant waking up, moving the crib like my son did,because he was mad or wanted out, than yes, its time to move to a toddler bed or even a twin bed. Both are the same, they can get out, so my opinion is to skip the toddler bed. My daughter climbed out when she was 2. so i went straight to a twin bed with a gaurd rail. Never had any issues. my son now 2 he never slept great and i would wonder if it was because the matress was too firm, too hot in his room, etc...b/c he would sleep so good in my bed, where it was cooler. we just moved and i gave the crib away and decided to put him in a twin bed with a guard rail and he sleeps the night. i wonder if i should have transitioned him sooner. Atleast im getting sleep now. my point would be, you know your child. follow their ques, and follow your instinct.

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my daughter is just like your son with the sleeping....sleeps like an angel in a 'grown up' bed and pretty crappy in her own bed and like you i also wonder if the mattress is too firm

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My daughter never tried to climb out of her crib. She did however show an interest in being able to get back into bed to play. So at 18 months or so we got her a toddler bed. She loves it. She gets out every now and then to "test" mommy and daddy but for the most part it is wonderful. She walks into my room in the morning (she can only get to her room and our room) and stares me in the face until I open my eyes and says in the sweetest little voice "mommyyyyy" then gives me a kiss. I wouldn't trade it for the world. She is very smart and was really ready but you can't base your decision for what is right for your child based on what anyone else has had the experience of. If you listen to your instincts and your child I know you will know what to do :)

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My twin girls are 20 months and I see no reason to transition them yet. Neither seem interested in trying to climb out and are perfectly content in their cribs playing and sleeping. I'm going to keep them in their cribs for as long as I can safely do so. They are growing up so quickly as it is...I don't think I'm any more ready to move them out of their cribs than they are!

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I'd have to say it depends on your child, what they're capable of and the size of the bed. My toddler bed is only 10cm off the ground and uses same mattress 'n bedding to the cot so when i knew they could craw on and off themselves they moved into it. (around 12 months for us) Some people can go straight into a big bed with a barrier on open side of bed - that wasnt for us so toddler bed was our chosen option and it's worked 3 times over for us. We started with day naps then night all done in 3-4 days. Never looked back. - Make it his own special space tell him what a big boy he is moving into a new big bed that's special just for him -as mummy/ daddy couldn't fit there - put favourite sheets on there and let him ajust in his time.

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I did and I put baby proof door knob things on all the doors.

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i tried this and it didn't work well, they don't understand to "stay put" and unless they are climbing out of the crib why would you take them out now?

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my son never liked being in his crib. We also co slept in a bed for 10 months so he had the freedom to move around a lot more. When we tried to put him in his crib he would wake up within 5 minutes. We would lay him on the bed and he would sleep for 2 to 3 hours. We even tried tricking him into his crib in the middle of the night and he still would wake up right away. So we had him in a toddler bed just after his 1st birthday. We have a baby gate we put in his doorway at night so he can't get out of his room and he sleeps just wonderfully. Go with what your child is telling you.

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My daughter is almost 26 months old and is a great sleeper. She doesn't try to climb out, so we'll keep her in there as long as we can! Less stuff to worry about. And I think that by the time it's "time" she will be more mature.

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My twins were jumpers, so they were constantly jumping in their cribs, I was scared they'd learn how to jump/crawl out of them. So at about 15 months my husband and I put them in toddler beds. The girls are almost at the end of this month, and they have done wonderfully in them since the 2nd night. The first night they just wanted to play all night, so it was along night of putting them back in bed, and showing them that's where they slept. But the 2nd night they were so tired from the night before they crashed out together in the same bed. I still have the problem of them wanting to sleep together but I don't see any harm in letting them. Invest in a baby gate though!! I learned that the hard way! Woke up to them crawling into bed with us!! Now they just get up and play together, It really did work wonders for us!!

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My son is a good alarm clock for us half the time. He wakes up & comes in our room & wakes us us right away. The babygate is to big to fit in his door. He vary rarely has promlems with getting into things when we're sleeping but it happns on ocasion.

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If they can climb in or out then yes! My 18 month old broke her arm with just a short fall from the couch. She is 5 now and healed beautifully til she broke her other arm falling off a slide this summer:( But when my 2 year old started to climb in her crib (more like flipped head first in regularly) I switched her to the toddler bed.

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My twins made the switch at 19 months. My daughter was climbing out of the crib, and it was all about safety. The kids share a room so we had to switch son too. They did great from day one, we still catch one sleeping on the floor from time to time, but hey that's what blankets are for ;). One suggestion if you have the time is switch out the bed in the morning and then allow your child to play and explore the new bed and room layout during the day so that they are used to it before bed time.

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With both of our boys, they were in big boy beds before 20 months. They both hated the crib since they co-slept due to reflux/breathing issues at night (and nursing). Our younger son, now 16 months has been in his bed for a month & 1/2 now. For our family, it worked out to have the swithc this early. For our sanity. We have a baby gate at his door for when he wakes up He just goes to play. He is really a great sleeper at night, without a crib. Right now we have a twin mattress on the floor, which we'll step up to boxspring as well when the time comes.

It's all about what works for your family and what you think your child is ready for. Only you know that since you're up with them at night.

Good Luck!

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My daughter was 17 months wen I changed her cot into the bed. I put a pillow on the floor just in case she did fall out. As it happens, she didn't. I think as long as u have a stair gate on she should be ok. The home will most likely be child friendly anyway having a child that can toddle. Also going from experience, if ur child toddles out their room it will probably be straight into yours. Do whatever u feel is right for you. Good luck.

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i switch my daughter at about a year and a half. i just got lucky that she was ready cause she never got out of bed when i put her down to sleep.

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I completely agree with Mary. I moved my son over to the toddler bed when he was 22 months old, because he kept on climbing out of the crib. I haven't regretted it ever since.

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My youngest started walking at 8mos, thus she started climbing very very early too. she was in a sleepsack until about 17 months, but i changed her to a toddler bed at 13 months. she never gets out of bed or wanders, and it hasnt caused any problems at all in the past 6 months [shes 19.5mos now] so i guess it just worked for us. i think every child is different in that aspect, some will get up and wander or wont want to go to bed since they "dont have to" bc they have access to everything on their own, i guess.

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My 20mth old son went from porta cot to toddler bed at 18mths old as the porta cot was falling apart & we could not afford a proper cot anyway My son shares a room with his 11yr old brother so we put a large play pen in the room which contains his toddler bed a foam chair & a little bucket with his cars in.... he loves his bed.... & is very safe....

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Keep him in a crib as long as he's happy and stays in it. Once he climbs out you can start thinking about it.

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I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant and I never recommend switching to a toddler bed until a child is AT LEAST 2.5-3. This is the earliest that a child can cognitively understand what it means to stay in bed all night.
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My girls both were sleeping in a toddler bed around 14 months. But for me it was totally different because we had another baby on the way. My first 2 were 18 months apart and then we had a third with a 20 month gap. They were fine and I never changed their room at all. I don't keep toys in there anyway and for months they didn't know how to open the door. So there was no worry of them coming out to other dangers in the house.

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I daughter completely HATED the crib when she was 17/18 mths old, my husband and i decided to try the toddler bed. When we brought it home we took it all out and my husband started putting it together. I took her in there and would get excited and she her how daddy was putting the crib together! and it;s going to be so big! and its all hers! by the time he had it done, she couldn't wait to crawl in it. for the next few hours before bed, we took her in there and got her excited, or we'd ask her where's your big girl bed? and she'd go running in her room and jump on it. that night, she slept great in it!!
i think its a great idea!!

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I dont think it's too urly to put him in a toddler bed, to know if your child is really ready is if he tries to climb out of the crib all tthe time my son was 15 months when we put him in a toddler bed we actually did it the frst time he climb out of his crib, we didnt want to take the chance of him doing it again and really hurting himself. Good luck.

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My daughter has been in a toddler bed since she was 17 or 18 months old because every time I would put her to bed or down for a nap in her crib. She started crying for 20 minutes or longer every time. When i switched her to the toddler bed she stopped doing it. I haven't had any problems since.

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It truly depends on your kids my daughter was about 2 when she went to a toddler bed and my son was about 14 months old. When your kids repeatedly climb in and out of the crib I believe it becomes a safety issue. My son has been a big climber so I moved him to a big boy bed much earlier then I had antisipated.

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i think if hes sleepin well in his crib,why not try some thing

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if it is a low bed like a cotbed then yes if they can get in and out, i put a tomy bed guard on mine and hed opening at very bottom, he loved getting in and has never got out so no hassle as he doesnt understand he can get out if he wants, no sleepless night s for me lol xx

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I switched my daughter's at 15 months and plan to do the same with my son on the way, because both of their cribs suggest that in the safety/instruction manuals. I always read about how people don't switfch over until their kids are 2 or 3 and I wonder if thats really what age the crib is intended to be for. I know my daughter started climbing out of her playyard somewhere shortly after one year old, so I wouldn't trust her in a crib for sure. And I just think that the company who makes the crib, puts a suggested age in the manual for a reason.

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And I would switch out before that even if they started climbing out earlier than 15 months because my daughter right before her second birthday, fell about a foot or a little over a foot onto carpeted floor and broke her collarbone in the middle of the night. I couldn't imagine her falling from the top of a crib or so. So either go by what your crib manual says, or earlier if they start climbing out.

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We switched my son at 15 months but that is what worked for us. I know some 3 year olds still in cribs. My son was starting to climb the crib and I would rather him crawl out of a toddler bed then fall over the railing of a crib so it was safer for him to be in a toddler bed.

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I took my little girls out of cot at 13 months into toddler bed, she did not like it either just like her cot so at 14 months I put her in queen bed with her 3 year old sister, they both sleep much better, they love the company. My oldest just turned 3 and half she sleeps on outside and younger one is 23 months she sleeps against the wall. I need the cot for number 3 in a few weeks!

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It depends on your situation and how your toddler is. With my children they usually ended up in our bed as it was the only way we would get any sleep. We got sick of that so when they could walk we moved them to a mattress on the floor, that way we could cuddle them in their bed til they went back to sleep and then go back to ours. When they were comfortable there we moved them to their own bed. My eldest was about 14mths when she went into her toddler bed in her own room and she slept fine. She could climb in and out by herself and when she woke would just walk into our room. With my second child who is now 18mths we decided to bypass the toddler bed and just buy her a normal single bed as we couldnt cuddle her in a toddler bed if she woke up. We started her on a bed base on a mattress on the floor. Then after sleeping in there with no problem for a few months we moved her to a big bed. My 18mth old has now been in her own single bed for a few months now and hasnt fallen out. And when she wakes she either cries or just walks up to our bedroom. She is so independent I couldnt imagine her in a cot. So I dont think 19mths is too early if you want to try and transition your child to a toddler bed. The only thing is in a toddler bed they can get out by themselves so it may depend more on if you are ready for them to have more independence :)

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My 19 month old son sleeps in a twin bed. He has always been a big boy though. He started climbing out of his crib around 1. I moved him to a toddler bed but after about 2 months he didn't have much room. However, he is the size of an average 3 year old; weighing 32 lbs and is 36 inches tall, wearing size 4 boys clothes. I think if they are able to get up on their own bed then they are ready. This is much more safe. I have had to anchor everything to the wall and recently took the changing table away because he could climb to the top. The biggest key is safety. No matter the age, when my son gets tired, he climbs into his bed. I also elected to not use the guard rails this time, he was going to hurt himself if I used them. My 11 year old was an angel but my 19 month old is the opposite so everything is different. Both of my boys have slept all night from day 1 though. All kids have different needs and we just have to go with the safest alternative. My little guys room is 150% babyproof and has been since day one but he doesn't wake up at night so I have no concerns for his safety now that he is out of the crib. Also, my little guy is almost completely potty trained and i think this all helps him. He is in bed by 8pm every night and gets up around 8am, he also takes 1 or 2 naps totalling about 3 hours. The size of the child also plays a big role. Both of my boys came out wearing 6 month clothes and never let up. That means they outgrow everything quick and generally the middle steps are a waste. If I didn't already have a toddler bed, we would have went straight to a twin. He does have a double pillowtop mattress with box springs so for now the set sits on the floor. He can climb up on my bed but I feel more safe with the way his room is set up.

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My daughter was 16 months when we put her into her big bed as I was 6 months pregnant and we needed the cot for her sister. Before she moved rooms and beds she would wake up 2 times a night still as she would wake herself up by banging against the rails. The first night she was in her big bed she slept through and has done since. I put guard rails up so she couldn't get down or fall out. Had I not been pregnant she would of stayed longer in the cot but I thank goodness I did as I got full nights sleep until the baby arrived.

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my girls did great they love love love they're own bed....
i made it exciting princess beds and stuffed animals ...
i sat in my rocking chair and read them books and or sat on floor and sang patting there backs.....
go for it!!!

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I had planned to keep my son in his crib until age 2, thinking it would be best for safety. At 12 months, he fell trying to stand sleepily in his crib and hit his cheekbone on the crib rail. It gave him a black eye and everything. From then on, for two weeks straight, he was terrified and sobbing whenever I lowered him into the crib (asleep or awake), so I took the rail off and immediately had no more problems. I stuck a fluffy blanket on the floor and he did roll out a couple of times, but within 2 weeks he was used to the bed. He is 20 months now and we're actually shopping for a twin mattress. The convertible crib frame and cheap mattress aren't dealing well with his weight anymore and he has successfully slept in a twin bed a number of times now, so we're just going to skip the toddler frame.

That was my incredibly long story to say this: I think if you are both happy with him in his crib, keep him in it until it is either unsafe or not working for you (want him to have more freedom to get up, or his upset by it, etc). I don't know any adults who sleep in cribs, so I think you can safely make the switch whenever you feel you should.

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My daughter is now 2 years 2 months and has been in a twin bed since she was 12 months. We went from co-sleeper pack n' play to co-sleeping to twin bed, so I can lay with her to read a story or when she is sick or just needs mommy. We bought a Little Tikes cottage bed and dropped a mattress in bed, so there is a lip to fall out. My son has a twin racecar bed and has at least a 12 inch rise, he could climb out, but he loves it. You need to do what is right for you.

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If it's a safety hazard then yes. My son climbed out of his crib at 19 months and nearly broke his neck so I removed the crib right away and he went straight into a toddler bed, no looking back. If he hadn't done that, he would still be in his crib. Wait for your little one to tell you when they're ready, you'll know when its' time! Good luck!

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I think it depends on, if they are ready or not. Our oldest was out of the crib at 15 months and our youngest has only been out of it for a copule months and he is 27months. If they are climbing out and hurting themselves it is time

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My youngest co-slept, hated the crib the few times we put him in it. By the time he was old enough that I was thinking of putting him in the crib and letting him sort it out, the screws on the front of the crib gave out. WE didn't want to buy a new one that he wouldn't be using for very long, so we bought bunk beds for the boys (he has an older brother). We didn't put him in there right away, but when he started climbing up on his bunk and laying down, I figured he was ready (plus, my husband got tired of being kicked in the face at night or woke up, so he made me sleep in the room with the boys when he had to work the next day. I think this helped the little one get used to the bed). July 1 he was put to bed in his own bed for the first time, cried for 30 minutes that night, and has been fine every night since, although he often wants to nurse right before bedtime. We started out with a guardrail, but now he doesn't use it, and the only time he fell out of his bed was with the guardrail up. He also was climbing up and down from our bed, which he still does to cuddle in the morning. I put a gate up at night (which big brother is able to climb over just fine to go potty), and he's good to go. I think if your little one is climbing up and down from your bed with no problem, and doesn't seem to want to be in the crib any more, or are too big for the crib (yowza, I thought my little one was big for his age, he's 18 months and the size of a big 2 year old) than they are ready, otherwise, don't shake up their routine until you absolutely have to do so.

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My son is 2yrs and has been in a toddler bed since he was 15months. He never climed out of his crib. The time just felt right and i figured if it doesn't work the first week then i will switch back to a crib. After the first week he was use to it and slept very well and still does. I think it just matters on the child and how much you want to work with your child if they crawl out a lot.

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With my oldest I had to put him in a toddler bed at 16 months because of him climbing out of his crib all the time. My daughter on the other hand is 2 years old and hasn't attempted to climb out of her crib at all. I think the best time is when they start climbing out because of the possibility of them hurting themselves. Otherwise if he isn't I would just leave him in the crib until 3 years old or so. Hope this helps and Good luck

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My son slept in his crib until he was 14 months. Then we tried to transition him to his toddler bed converted from the crib and he wouldn't have it. We let him sleep in the pack and play for a few months and he would sleep in his big boy bed during naps. Finally at around 18 months he passed his pack and play and went straight to his bed boy bed on night so we put the pack and play away and made the final transition. He made the choice in the end and it worked for us. He loves the independence of getting on and off his bed by himself we have a safety rail so he doesn't roll out and he does well. My friend kept her son in his crib until he was 3. I felt it was a little too long. If they are old enough to have time outs and have transitioned into a new carseat why not change them to their new bed?

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