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Should I put on sun protection for 4 month old?

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7  Answers

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Yes! Babies skin are VERY sensitive and you want them not to sunburn!

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my oh my, I have a real hard time believing the question. indirect sunlight would be the best, but definatly sunscreen, as in on the beach, and then not very long, their getting sunlight off the water as well as from the sky.

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I never did. We have four kids, and we protected them in other ways when they were babies and even toddlers. I kept them shaded, or limited sun exposure to the early or later parts of the day, or they wore lightweight clothing that kept their skin covered.

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Sunscreen is poison to our youth!! Its pure Chemicals that cause Cancer, unless its natural sunscreen and for sure keep the baby out of direct Sun whenever possible.

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Absolutely! Sun screen is a must or your baby will cry endlessly from the pain and discomfort of a sunburn.

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I am assuming you plan on taking your LO out where shade is limited or not an option? Technically, babies should none kept out of direct sunlight until 6 mos or longer. Parents are advised not to sunscreen until that age since sunscreen chemicals haven't been tested on infants. When I take my daughter (3.5 mos) hiking I apply a natural zinc based sunscreen on her (I try it on mself first, then a patch test on her). Zinc is a physical property, vs the chemical (possibly harmful) properties of regular sunscreens. We look a bit white, but sun safe!


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