Should I wait 10 months before I start giving my baby solids?

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No. 6 months is when nutritionalists say to start your baby on solids. My baby was ready when he was 4 months. When your baby shows interest in your food and doesn't thrust food out of his/her mouth, they are ready. Your pediatrician should recommend that you start your baby on a little bit of cereal around 5 months.
Now if you are talking SOLID solids, then around 8-9 months they recommend starting solids like cut up fruit and cheerios and other finger foods.

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We did baby led weaning - which basically means babies only feed themselves. We have four children and this means that they all started eating solids at different ages. So I totally agree with the poster who said that your baby will tell you when they are ready.

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by the age of 10 months your baby should be able to eat lumpy foods,or finger foods...if you dont start introducing solids you may delay his speech as eating solids develops the muscles we need to speak......

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Ha! I'm going to give the EXACT SAME answer I gave the lady wondering about starting solids early! "Normal is a bell curve. Six months is the middle of the bell curve on when they're ready to start solids. If they're sitting up well at the table in their high chair and begging worse than the dog when they watch you eat, they're ready"

If you're nursing and baby is happy healthy and growing you can wait until they start trying to steal your food off your plate

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if you want to and are breastfeeding, i dont know why people think they are the ones who decides when they give solids, your baby will tell you. there is absolutly no reason to ever give purees if you follow your babys lead, ofcourse some babies like mashed fruit etc but thats your call, usually around 6 months is the norm, definatly before 12 months or youll encounter other problems such as food refusal

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