Should moms go back to college after pregnancy?

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Yes. It's hard, but it will pay off in the future for both she and her child.

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yes if it's still what she wants. Having a child shouldn't mean sacrificing her education! Any woman can reach her goals if they are still relevant goals after having a child and if she is determined :) Finishing college can ensure a better career to support your children whether you are single, married or dating- being independant is very rewarding :) I finished my first college diploma before, during and after my first pregnancy. I took a 6 week break to have my little girl before i went back. now i am going back for a higher certification and i have 2 kids, my first is now 2.5 and my second is 7 months. i start next week :) *you can do anything you put your mind too*

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I think that's a personal choice and I would prefer being the primary caretaker of my children until they're at least old enough for school. Taking care of 2 kids under the age of 5 is a full time job. We live in a traditional household and I have a loving, caring husband to support me. I think that school can wait.

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Yes. I continued grad school during my pregnancy. I took the summer off to deliver my daughter and will restart class in 2 weeks. It's important to complete college, if that's your goal.

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Depends. It's a very personal decision. I found it pretty easy to do courses part time with a young baby, but we adjusted to life with a baby easily. If you have a sick baby, or a baby who keeps you up most of the night, you can really feel like you're spreading yourself very thin and not doing a good job at being a mother or a student. And although school will always be there, a baby is only a baby once.

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online college is very good after you have a baby, cause your still at home & can put it on hold for your baby. but if its walk in school i would wait a little. you & your baby both need the attachment & rest. just take it easy & enjoy yourself as well as your new baby :)

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I was put on bed rest 4 months into my last pregnancy and used that time to take classes online. I used my maternity leave to complete my CNA and am now taking more classes online and hope to get into te nursing program. Definately, if she can pull it off do it noe. They really just eat and sleep for the first few months anyway.

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Yes we should go back to college or school. How can we tell our kids to further their education when we dont do it ourself. School here i come september!!!!!!!!!

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I think it is a good idea. Personally, I want to be home until my last child is in school. After that I want to be working during the day. I plan on beginning my education slowly while the kids are still home so that I am done by the time my last child is in school, and I'll be ready for the work force. I also think it is important for mom's to exercise their brains with material that isn't just about baby talk and bum changes. I sometimes feel like my brain turning to mush. But when I take a class it nourishes me mentally and keeps me balanced.

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I would have loved to. But I found out 3 week prior to the quarter starting that I'd have to pay for child care in full because I wasn't getting a 2 year degree. I can't afford child care, so no school for me. Ticks me off too, I only had 5 quarters left.

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Yes!! Never give up on your dreams. I have 2 kids and I am currently in school. Even with me being a stay at home mom with a wonderful man who takes care of us I still think it is important for me to continue my education. So many women who are stay at home moms get stuck out in the cold when things unfortunately do not work between them and their spouses because they put their education and professional development on the back burner. I defiantly believe that family should be first but don't forget about yourself.

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I went back to school when my son was a little over a year old and it was the best decision I've ever made! My local community college offered day, night, weekend and online classes, so it was easy for me to work school in with being a Mommy. It gave me the opportunity to secure a greater lifestyle for my son and myself as well as reminding me that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. Plus, it was also nice to get out of the house sometimes!

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i went back to college when my daughter was 3 months old and i fully regret it. i wish i could be with my baby 24/7. it's also very difficult taking care of a baby and being a full time student. homework and a baby do not mix well. all i want is to be a full time mommy but in this economy a dream like that is very hard to obtain =(

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I was in college while I was pregnant and still now after. Four days after I had my son I went back to school, it was finals week.

Even now though, I am in school. At first I brought him with me, but as he got bigger and more verbal and squirmy, I decided that probably wasn't the best option. My son stays with his grandmother during the day so I can take classes. I miss him of course, but I know that he is well taken care of, and I spend all of my free time with him.

I think it is a personal choice. If you think you can do it and if it will better your and your child's life, you should go for it.

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Totally a personal choice. I was going to finish up an internship with the FBI and get my master's degree.

I would have been miserable leaving him even for an hour during the day. I have friends that would be miserable without going back to their career or school. Totally depends on the person.

It has NOTHING to do with how much you love your child

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Absolutely! If you have the ambition to go back it's a great idea. You want to make sure that your baby has you as a provider. Going back to school will be one of the most important things you could ever to for your children to ensure that they will not go without anything they need. Also it's so nice to spoil those sweet little chunkers! (:

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YES!!!!!!!!!! I'm in college, 2nd year in fact with 2 kids and doing just fine.....well a little tired. But it's worth it to further your education with this economy. GO FOR IT!!!!!!


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