Should you push your child to stick with activities?

Kids can get easily tired of the same after school activities and might be ready to call it quits pretty quickly. Do you push your child to stick with an activity or let them quit and move onto another one?

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We tell our 9 year old that she has to finish out the season or session. We don't sign her up for anything without first having a talk with her to let her know that she has to finish what she started. We let her know that it is completely up to her whether she enrolls into an activity, but once she's in it she has to finish it out.

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No, I don't think that is showing them good ethics if you allow them to start and stop things before they are complete. If the activity has a time length then they should have to do it until it is over.. If the time length is indefinite then you should find out why they want to quit and discuss it. If you allow them to just stop doing things before they are complete then it would be setting up a bad pattern for life because then they would think it is ok to not complete things.

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The point of trying new things IS to see if they like it. I allow my daughter to try alot of things. When she has decided she is done with it, she leaves, with my permission. Not all things are interesting enough to hold her attention for the whole thing. Extra curricular activities are NOT a job, they are extra things to do and explore. Some parents make their kids stay in things because they paid money or they want to be able to talk about all the things their kids are in and how busy they are. That is not the point of joining an activity. It makes for a well rounded child, but they should be able to move to other activities if one is not keeping their interest.

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I don't let them quit. For a child an after school activity is equivilent to my job. I can't just quit because I don't like it. I do find out what it is they don't like about it so I can maybe help or advise if there is a problem. But it doesn't teach them anything by letting them quit, and if its a team activity they are letting the whole team down. For kids their daily activities are teaching opportunities. I won't make them sign up for another season of it but they do need to finish the season out or the duration of the class.

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I think that they should stick with the activity until its done and over with. If you make a commitment you need to see it through.

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I have told my son that once he signs up for something that he must complete it, even if he does not like it. I believe that allowing a child to quit things before they really give it a shot..will lead to an adult that is always quitting things.

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It depends. (Of course)
We let our son quit soccer after he declared it "dreadful" but made him stick with his dancing.
He is now aiming to be a Broadway star, and regularly thanks me for ensuring that he has a solid classical dance background.
In the meantime he has begun, and dropped, violin lessons, trombone lessons, martial arts classes, Boys Brigade and other things I have forgotten too.
My real dislike is when he doesn't follow through on a commitment. If he has said he will do something, he needs to see it through to the end.

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The thing is,... When do instrument lessons ever end?

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I make my kids finish what they start. But I don't make them sign up again. My daughter is particularly difficult because she's only good for a couple of weeks of whatever activity she signs up for. She gets mad because even when she refuses to participate, I make her go to all practices and games anyway and sit through it. With team sports or something like cheerleading, it hurts everyone to have someone participating that doesn't want to, so I do let her sit on the sidelines, but she is still present until the end.

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We do the same as Rachael with our kids. They can choose to join a group or activity but the have to finish out the season or session; if they don't want to do it again then fine.

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Mine knows, they need to finish what they start. That is life. They can whatever sport they want, but they need to know you only get better if you stick to it and you will finish the year / season once you have started. And a max of 2 activities at a time :)

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My son really wants to quit ballet. My daughter wants to quit tackle football. I refuse to let them quit until they graduate high school. It is important that kids don't quit. Both of my kids do things that keep them physically active. That is important to me, so as long as they live under my roof, they are not quitting.

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We really encourage our kids to join after school activities. They pick out what they would like to take part in. If part way through they decide they do not like this activity, we make them see it through until the end of the class (usually 8 weeks). That way they learn if they really like the activity, because sometimes you do not know right away, and they learn that if they commit to something they have to see it through to the end, like it or not.

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I always make my child choose to take part of a certain activity after school, but it always comes with set of reminders.
It is always a good training for our children to teach them to be responsible in every choice they make even at an early age.

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Some things I have them finish out the season, if it is short. I try to get clarity prior to sign up as to the length of the commitment. I forced my son to quit boy scouts because he would not do the work to move up.

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My kids have been taking piano lessons for 1 1/2 years now. Just the last six month they have been really wanting to quit. They are age 8 and 6 1/2. I want them to continue, but it is a struggle. What to do?

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Wait until the end of the year. As a piano teacher, I see kids go through hard times but they make it through. Talk to the teacher too. The teacher might have some new ideas to help them renew their enjoyment. If they still don't like it, you might want to try something else. Because it's both kids, it might be that one dislikes it because the other one dislikes it. Or a new teacher might be good too. But talk to the teacher first.

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My sons's play instruments. It is not cheap to take them to music lesson every week. But there are some weeks they do not play their instruments at all. I realize they too need a break from the everyday grind ! I know they love their music, but they also need a break here and there too. So I do not let them stray too far away, my oldest has been playing drums for 4 years now. He is so good at them, but also need the breaks here and there. I want to see them see this through. They will be happy in the end, when they are bigger and have such musical talents! They are awesome kids... it is a push and pat system!!! Push them to succeed....pat them when they do(praise them)!!! :-)

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Our two youngest started dance for the first time and there was a window of time that the studio had if a child decided it wasn't for them. It was several months and I did (for the first time ever) give them the option of stopping if they didn't like it. They loved it and haven't looked back. However they've tried to get out of different team sports and they've always had to finish the season, they can't let the team down and they have to give it a chance.

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I don't let mine quit. I make them at least give the activity a fair chance. And especially when it's a team activity. In my opinion, when you sign up with a team you've made a commitment to them to see it through to the end.

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I always talk to my daughter first when joining any kind of activity. I always let her know that she needs to finish what she started and then we can talk about if she wants to do it again. She needs to learn to finish what she started.

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