Tips for handing a new pregnancy soon after delivery

Sometimes there isn't even time to consider your family planning options after having one baby before you find out you're expecting your next child! What are some great tips you can share for moms who are expecting a next child right on the heels of the last one?

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There is 14months difference between my first two childen. We felt that it was a good (manageable) you can imagine our surprise when I found out that I had fallen pregnant with #3 within 7 weeks of giving birth to my daughter.

The best advice is to remain calm. Involve your older children as much as possible, even its just the simple things like fetching a nappy/wipes or holding a bottle (or putting it in the sink) It gives you extra time with your hands for a few minutes and makes them feel important, while teaching them the "rules" of play with newborns.

Grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins...they all make fantastic (and usually free!) babysitters. It gives them a chance to go "ga-ga" over baby while you can rest.

Dont get too proud, accept help...even if its just a meal to go in the freezer!

Make time for a "mummy-hour" if you can...make it when bub is napping. Take the phone off the hook, set older children up with their own movie, and do some gardening, read a book and snooze on the couch yourself. Everyone eventually figured out not to call me between 2-3pm because I WOULD NOT answer the phone.

I now have four children (the youngest one came along 12days before my eldest's 4th birthday!) They are exceptionally close (despite the expected fights) and are fantastic around all newborns.

My favourite quote is "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option" So basically, dont underestimate yourself. We are made for this. It will all work out :)

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Enjoy your current baby as much as you can, because once the new one comes no matter how much you try you won't have as much time for the first child as before and they will be a little jealous. Once the new baby comes involve the first child as much as age allows to "help" with the new baby. Try to set aside time each day just for you and the first child even if it's only a few minutes to read stories so they know you still love them. While you're pregnant sleep when child #1 is sleeping. You'll be tempted to do other things, but you need the rest. When you get pregnant close less than a year after having a baby, you are at high risk for pre-term labor and overdoing it when you have a baby and you're pregnant especially if you're still trying to nurse is a sure recipe for disaster. So get off your feet and put your feet up as much as you can. Don't be too proud to accept other's offers of help with childcare or housework so you can get more rest. Chasing an older baby keeps you busy, but don't forget to eat regularly and drink a lot of water. When my first was 8 months old I became pregnant with my 2nd. At 20 weeks I felt like I had a grapefruit between my legs and like the baby was falling out. The N.P. said I just needed to wear a maternity belt to support my belly because my muscles had not totally recovered from the previous pregnancy, but I knew something wasn't right. If you feel that way don't ignore it. Get it checked out. Better to be a little embarrassed and find out it's nothing than to have something bad happen. My o.b. called to check on me since she missed my visit due to a delivery, and when I told her my fears she had me come in at the end of the week. It wasn't nothing. I was 2 1/2 cm. dilated. So I was put on bed rest. Also don't try to sell your house during a time like this. We were and every time our Realtor would call and ask if he could stop by in 20 min. to show the house I would hop out of bed to pick up the house and then wind up having contractions. I went to the hospital 5 times to have labor stopped; once I was kept overnight. Thankfully I was able to go to term, but 18 weeks on bedrest was no fun. After the 2nd baby comes, if you can't get your babies to nap at the same time, when baby #2 is napping try putting on a video and snuggling with baby #1, something boring like Fantasia always put my daughter to sleep and then you can get a nap too. Even if you can't fall all the way asleep because you know your toddler is awake, just getting off your feet and closing your eyes for a few minutes will help keep you sane.

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there is 14 months between my two girls, one thing i found that helped LOADS was when the younger one wanted to sleep in my arms, I'd pull my eldest one on the sofa next to me and we'd have a group snuggle and watch cbeebies :) my eldest completely dotes on her sister, and although yes it is hard adjusting for the first month or so, the older they get the closer they get :)

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My two boys are 16 months apart. For me, I got my mother in law to take my eldest 2 days a week so I had some one on one time with the new baby. I would also get her to take the baby for a few hours every week / fortnight and my eldest and I would do something special one on one. The first few weeks when you bring the new baby home are the hardest so try and get lots of help then. You do adjust very quickl and no 2 baby is often a good baby just because they have to be... You can't always get to them immediately and they learn to self soothe and be a little more patient. I can remember being very anxious when pregnant with no 2 wondering how I was going to manage but it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

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Try to get someone to come help out after you have your next baby, its difficult to bond with a new baby when you have another one who needs just as much attention as the newborn does. Also, you will need the extra help so you dont feel so overwhelmed with having 2 babies to take care of. And try to get in as much "you" time as you can now as it will come a lot less often when you have two babies to take care of.


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